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any plant of the genus Canna having large sheathing leaves and clusters of large showy flowers

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TIME-SAVING TIP Carefully label all the summer bulbs and tubers that you have lifted, including those of dahlias and canna lilies, so you know what's what when you come to replant them next year.
a few mornings a week and stopping by on weekends to pull weeds and replace them with colorful bougainvilleas, birds of paradise, jade plants and canna lilies.
Although sometimes sold as canna lilies, they are in a plant family of their own, are grown from rhizomes, unlike lilies ( and don't really look like lilies.
POT up arum lilies (zantedeschia) and canna lilies in large terracotta tubs for an exotic touch to your summer patio.
Charlie Nardozzi, the Hilton Garden Inn's chief gardening officer, suggests multicolored canna lilies surrounded by white bacopa and purple wave petunias; salmon geraniums with blue lobelia and white alyssum; or butterfly-attracting red nicotiana planted in a sea of blue scaevola.
Become a bit more creative with containers too and try exotic-looking plants such as canna lilies and bananas.
Frost-tender bedding such as fuchsias and pelargoniums, exotic blooms such as canna lilies and ginger and warm-blooded shrubs such as cordylines and agaves would have their life expectancy improved no end by you being able to dig them up and protect them under cover for the winter.
Bring pots of tender bulbs including canna lilies and eucomis into the greenhouse for the winter.
AFTER the first frosts the foliage of your dahlias and canna lilies will turn soft, brown and limp indicating that the growing season is over and that the tubers need to be dug up ready for storage.
Examples are ornamental grasses, canna lilies, elephant ears, and banana plants.
It produces large, exotic trumpet-shaped blooms that partner well with dahlias and canna lilies to create a tropical scheme in a sheltered hot spot.
Try some Chinese ground orchids, blackberry lilies, canna lilies, elephant ears, lilies of the valley, crocosmias, hardy cyclamens, dahlias, summer hyacinths, gladioluses, day lilies, irises, or true lilies for a coordination of flowers through summer into fall.