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a metallic cylinder packed with shot and used as ammunition in a firearm

metal container for storing dry foods such as tea or flour


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Wherever there was a possibility of guns being laid for them unseen, a fresh canister of the black vapour was discharged, and where the guns were openly displayed the Heat-Ray was brought to bear.
Major O'Dowd packing her own and her Major's wardrobe, and how his best epaulets had been stowed into a tea canister, whilst her own famous yellow turban, with the bird of paradise wrapped in brown paper, was locked up in the Major's tin cocked-hat case, and wondered what effect it would have at the French king's court at Ghent, or the great military balls at Brussels.
He emptied his plate of meat and her plate into the frying pan, likewise the roll of butter and the slice on the table, and on top he poured the contents of the coffee canister.
Finally, he made a start at the teapot, gustily rattled a quantity of tea into it from a canister, and set off for the common kitchen to fill it with hot water.
CANISTERS Channels of Distribution Department stores 35% Mass merchants & clubs 17% Vacuum shops 10% Appliance stores 2% Door-to-Door 11% Other 25% Department stores 34% Mass merchants & clubs 15% Vacuum shops 10% Appliance stores 2% Door-to-Door 15% Other 24% Retail Sales 2006 %CHANGE 2005 ($ millions) $294.
Two terror suspects were being questioned by detectives last night after they were arrested following a reported delivery of 10 large gas canisters.
TWO terror suspects were last night being questioned by detectives after they were arrested following a reported delivery of around 10 large gas canisters.
These film canisters each contain one of four different mystery scents.
Without Title IV funding, pricing starts from $108 for two canisters.
In shades of black, red, orange and green, the rolls come in matching colored canisters that can be used for storage when the paper is gone.
The dispensers hold up to 16 canisters with a three liter capacity.
PURELL Sanitizing Wipes are available in pop-up canisters.
Stick the label across two film canisters placed bottom to bottom.
For the Ioneat Hair Styler alone, Re-tec estimates the order volume will be above 1 million units a year globally, not to mention the untold number of canisters.
The colorful, durable canisters can have many household uses after the sugar is gone, from storing cookies to carrying crayons to organizing workshop accessories.