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Synonyms for canister

a metallic cylinder packed with shot and used as ammunition in a firearm

metal container for storing dry foods such as tea or flour


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While doing RESET for units returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, the Army has discovered several instances of Soldiers substituting canisters for their M40/M42-series masks.
Built with a variable speed motor, the Atrix Canister Vacuum is a viable cleaning appliance for a variety of surface types.
National Windscreens branch manager Richard Bates said he has now discovered the canister was filled with calcium carbide which gives off a flame when activated to light the way for mountaineers and people exploring caves.
Stick the label across two film canisters placed bottom to bottom.
The new four-pound granulated canister is so convenient, using sugar is simple and spill-free from start to finish.
Police found the canister, which was designed to release a noxious substance, inside his jacket.
The canister comes with a powered hand tool with WindTunnel technology and six tools in all for $499.
Authorities found the last of five 100-pound canisters of nitric acid stolen along with a truck on New Year's Eve.
Nonetheless, researchers plan to handle the canister as gingerly as if it contained the Ebola virus.
has announced the arrival of its new 90-count canister of Boogie Wipes, saline wipes for stuffy noses.
Unlike the competing oxygen absorbing canister that offers only a minimum 20cc of oxygen capacity and thereby requires the supplemental use of expensive EVOH-based oxygen barrier bottles, Multisorb's StabilOx Canisters offer a minimum 100cc of oxygen capacity and can be used with standard HDPE bottles.
In April 2009, Bassem Abu-Rahmah, from the village of Bi'lin, was killed by a tear gas canister that struck him in the chest.
developer and designer of premier coffee products, announced the expansion of its popular coffee canister product line with the unveiling of the Coffee Vault, an affordable, high-quality canister for the home that keeps coffee beans and grounds fresher longer.
A WOMAN camper suffered horrific burns when a gas canister exploded.
3% of predicted [[+ or -] SD]) with chronic respiratory insufficiency who randomly performed, on 2 consecutive days, a standardized 6-min walking test using two different modalities: a full-weight oxygen canister transported using a small wheeled cart and pulled by the patient (Aid modality) or full-weight oxygen canister carried on the patient's shoulder (No-Aid modality).