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Synonyms for caning

work made of interlaced slender branches (especially willow branches)

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The rest of the half-year is a jumble in my recollection of the daily strife and struggle of our lives; of the waning summer and the changing season; of the frosty mornings when we were rung out of bed, and the cold, cold smell of the dark nights when we were rung into bed again; of the evening schoolroom dimly lighted and indifferently warmed, and the morning schoolroom which was nothing but a great shivering-machine; of the alternation of boiled beef with roast beef, and boiled mutton with roast mutton; of clods of bread-and-butter, dog's-eared lesson-books, cracked slates, tear-blotted copy-books, canings, rulerings, hair-cuttings, rainy Sundays, suet-puddings, and a dirty atmosphere of ink, surrounding all.
com campaign Caning Yards: The Holiday Version of Flocking, launched today by CaneVentures, seeks backers to create video, "CaneVentures: A Season of Caning.
Complete Guide to Chair Caning offers crafts collections a fine guide to chair caning and comes from a master who works with wicker and cane furniture.
Even though the caning did not injure them [the women], they said it caused pain within them.
Last week, department director-general Zulkifli Omar and a woman officer came to Home Minister's office to demonstrate the caning sentence.