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any of various fissiped mammals with nonretractile claws and typically long muzzles

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The aims of this three-year study performed in an agricultural area were 1) to evaluate the diet composition of the sympatric golden jackal and red fox, 2) to examine the trophic niche breadth and the intraspecific trophic niche overlap, 3) to investigate the feeding habits of canids based on the body mass, zonation, habitat association and environmental association of prey species in the diet, and 4) to examine the differences between the diet compositions of the golden jackal and the sympatric red fox in different areas based on Hungarian studies.
Obviously, over long periods of time, those canids that were unable to assimilate to the partnership--too violent to be domesticated or too inefficient to be hunters--were bred out of the wolf-dog population.
Human infection occurs due to ingestion of the tapeworm eggs acquired from the feces of the definitive canid host; most people become infected with E.
In canids, this parasite is usually found in the right kidney due to its proximity to the duodenum and can cause renal atrophy, pelvis dilation, fibrosis, urethral obstruction, chronic inflammation or even total destruction of the renal parenchyma.
Considering that the record location (UTM 21J 705532/6697171; datum SAD69) is near the urban area of Cacequi, RS state, the possibility of interrelation with domestic animals, mainly with other canids (e.
George Clooney lends his distinctive vocals to the titular Mr Fox, the canny canid who refuse to put his farm-raiding glory days to rest - despite protests from his wife (voiced by Meryl Streep).
Originally, the coyote's range was limited by the presence of this larger and more powerful canid in the north and east of North America.
Dr Robin Allaby took 45 samples in total, from the wounds of the deer carcasses with the aim of testing specifically for DNA from the saliva of any canid (for instance dog or fox) or felid (cat) species which had killed or scavenged from the deer.
Dr Allaby took 45 samples from the wounds of the deer carcasses with the aim of testing specifically for DNA from the saliva of any canid, (for instance dog or fox), or felid (cat) species which had killed, or scavenged from the deer.
In our comparisons, sooted aluminum track plates did not detect canid species such as coyotes or foxes, nor did they detect bobcats or domestic cats.
An application of this approach to the canid phylogeny is presented.
However, considering the different canid species occurring in Brazil, studies on genetic variability and chromosomal characterization are scarce.
Conclusions--Despite the limited identifications, the fossil specimens show that the Turtle Butte Assemblage has a diverse carnivore component with five distinct carnivore taxa, Three canid and two arctoid carnivores are present in the assemblage.
However, the ratel or honey badger Mellivora capensis was only first formally recorded in the UAE in 2005, near Ruwais, and there remains the possibility that this large, but shy, canid may be present in the far west of the UAE.