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an instrument of punishment formerly used in China for petty criminals

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In subsequent years, the cangue (mobile stocks), torture, banishment, and corporal punishment of all kinds were outlawed and the last was replaced by fines.
Bonze (1552), cangue (1727), cash (2) (1598), China (1555), Chinese (1577), chinesery (1890), Chinglish (1957), compound (1679), Dobsonian (1980), Hun (900), joss (1711), junk (1555), Manchu (1697), Manchurian (1706), mandarin (1589), miaow (1634), myriarch (1623), ombres chinoises (1779), pavillon chinois (1876), Pere David's Deer (1898), phad thai (1978), piastre (1592), prefect (1853), prefecture (1855), Ryukyu (1808), samisen (1616), shaman (1698), Sharawaggi (1685), shogun (1615), Shorin ryu (1974), silk (c.
Also from Portuguese is cangue, although transmitted through French; in this case, the OED even denies the Chinese origin that was attributed to the word by Prof.
That is the case of cangue, ombres chinoises, pavilion chinois, Pere David's Deer, or prefect and prefecture.
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