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a dense growth of cane (especially giant cane)

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On the eve of the wedding, the groom's parents honored the couple with a rehearsal dinner at Canebrake County Club.
DESCRIPTION AND OBJECTIVES: Chatham County is requesting qualification proposals from qualified firms to perform Engineering Sen-ices for Canebrake Road Improvements Project which is located in Chatham County.
Comparing the canebrake scene in "Fern" to Frank's portrait of Ornstein also helps explicate the source of Fern's pain and agony.
On November 14, 1902 Roosevelt was engaged in the first day of a bear hunt in the canebrakes of the Mississippi Delta.
From ignorance and darkness, stupidity and fears; From chains of chattel slavery, and sullen evil years; From hopelessness, and helplessness, and brokenhearted tears; From desperate miasma of floundering under jeers; From stooping to the Sunday-folks and bending to the lash; From weeping over children lost, the desperate and the rash; From shuddering and shivering upon the auction stand; From walking in the shackled line and dying hand in hand; From bleeding in the battle lines and fighting in the fields; From slipping through the canebrake to the pittance sorrow yields; O God of earth and sky and sea, Great God of love and majesty, Thine humble servants everyone In mercy have we come.
The third zone (Marsh habitat), bordered by a thin stand of canebrake (Arundinaria gigantea) and extending into the marsh, is characterized by red maple {Acer rubrum) and tupelo (Nyssa sp.
Wharton came to be located on an area on the east bank of the Colorado River known as the Great Prairie Canebrake.
Three species of poisonous snakes are found in the swamp--cottonmouth, canebrake rattler, and the more common copperhead--along with 18 nonpoisonous species.
For the first time, researchers have tested a dueting species, the canebrake wren (Thrgothorus modestus zeledoni) in Costa Rica, to see whether its elaborate vocal performances include some version of song matching.
Heimpel renders these settlements, "cities by the edge of the canebrake," where we surely have small unwalled villages.
The research objectives in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Biology are varied and include: (1) understanding the role and impact of "mesopredators" (raccoons and opossums) in their ecosystem and their impact on nesting bobwhites, (2) improving management practices to provide more food resources for migratory waterfowl and shorebirds (3) investigating the feasibility of restoring canebrake habitat, which was once a major feature of the Mid-South landscape, (4) evaluating the role of macrophyes in the cycling of nutrients and contaminants in aquatic systems, (5) monitoring deer populations in collaboration with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and the U.
Two Kern County sheriff's deputies quickly located the SUV on Highway 178 near the farm hamlet of Canebrake and chased it until it went up a dirt road and crashed in a gully.
What do bald eagles, canebrake rattlesnakes, grizzly bears, Chinook salmon, and purple bladderworts (tiny carnivorous plants that float on water) have in common?
After all my jungle expeditions, the worst trouble I got into was here in the Park feeding the canebrake rattlesnakes.
And you're other things: the high hill, the footpath of stones, the games played in the canebrake.