Bufo marinus

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largest known toad species

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Mathematical modelling of future cane toad distribution carried out by Dr Ben Phillips and Professor Rick Shine from Sydney University's School of Biological Science, with researchers from Yale University, indicated that cane toads will be able to live and breed in large areas of Western Australia (including Perth), South Australia (including Adelaide) and western Victoria, as well as in several pockets along the New South Wales coast.
An analysis on the distribution and preferred diet of Australian snakes suggests that it is likely that 49 species are at risk from the invasion of the cane toad.
We will also identify sites in the viral genome that can be used to add foreign DNA that will ultimately express a product or products that is cane toad specific.
The poisonous giant cane toad - the size of a small dog - is the largest ever found Down Under.
AMONG the more bizarre baseball caps on the market are those made of cane toad leather on sale in Australia, which sell for pounds 60 each.
A man who looks like the love child of Lucius Malfoy and Spike from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer', with the gentle use of a Terry's Chocolate Orange, has ended up in the world's most powerful office with the mental capacity and common sense of a Cane Toad.
The cane toad from Central and South America is unique in that it was introduced deliberately with the intention to control the local cane beetle population.
Left (from top to bottom), Trevor Ellis and John Jones, Jenny Pritchard judging the amateur flowers, Dave Clark with a cane toad
Hawaiian planters also practiced biological pest control, seeking out and importing many non-native predators and parasites ranging from the Indian mongoose in the 1880s, to the Asian ladybug in the 1890s, to the South American cane toad in 1930s.
He caught bass on day one with a black Gambler Cane Toad reeled across the surface.
Molecular characterization revealed 2 cryptic Cystodiscus parasites in frogs endemic to Australia and in the invasive cane toad (3).
Elaine has taken snakes, lizards, giant snails, a three-inch hissing cockroach and a cane toad about the size of a small child's head to various venues over the last two months.
Dietary Habits of the Introduced Cane Toad Bufo marinus (Amphibia: Bufonidae) on Ishigakijima, Southern Ryukyus, Japan.
The worry was that mushrooming cane toad populations would outcompete native frogs and birds, and that an ecological catastrophe was imminent.
For now, it is not known whether avoiding being dinner or being "taken advantage of" came first for the female cane toad.