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Synonyms for candymaker

someone who makes candies and other sweets


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Cadbury, the world's largest candymaker, said the move will help unlock value for shareholders and comes after it had spoken and received support for the split from over 40 percent of its shareholders over the last month.
The candymaker has recently introduced Hershey's Sticks, a portion-controlled chocolate with 60 calories per serving, and later this year it will introduce a line of 100-calorie chocolate products.
If fourth-generation candymaker Rachel Sweet-Martin succeeds her father Tony as president and CEO of Sweet Candy Company, the Salt Lake firm will have accomplished a milestone achieved only three times in 100 tries among family-owned businesses.
Undoubtedly he was the one who was publicly known as a confettiere or candymaker, but the wife of Guglielmo Rossi, Ginevra, was clearly instrumental in the operation of the family business, or at least that is the view the gri eved widower presented to authorities as he tried to get compensation for his loss from those he blamed for his wife's premature death.
But employees of Chicago-based candymaker Brach's Confections Inc.
Nicholas Appert (1750-1841), a French candymaker and chef, had long struggled with the problem of food spoilage.
Well, head candymaker Jill Demeny swirls artisan honey from Algiers, La.
a fifth-generation candymaker and current Managing Director of the Thailand Jelly Belly plant, recalls the decision:
Coast candymaker Cranberry Sweets & More has expanded its Coos Bay factory at 1005 Newmark Ave.
With this in mind, Katzman thinks those companies in highly concentrated, rational categories should be okay in such an environment including candymaker Hershey Foods Corp.
which had recently become America's (and the world's) leading candymaker and was Hershey Foods Corporation's chief competitor.
Candymaker Mars (+2%) places second at 87, but its score is well ahead of chocolate rivals Hershey (-2%) and Nestle (unchanged) at 84.
candymaker Jelly Belly, for a Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment; and
Chocolat'' stars Juliette Binoche as a candymaker who shakes up a quiet French village during Lent, getting its residents to talk about forbidden fruits and savor them.
Some recommendations: Look for veteran candymaker Louise Goff hand-dipping bonbons in the window of Sweetness & Light (554 Main).