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a candy made by spinning sugar that has been boiled to a high temperature

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Grab those shades of lemon sherbet, parma violet, candyfloss pink and minty blues from the high street (shorts, pounds 10, from M & Co).
Opening with Teenage Dream she emerged in pink candyfloss tutu screaming: "Hello Brummies.
JONNY Candyfloss Great debut by band formed by Teenage Fanclub's Norman Blake and Gorky's Zygotic Mynci Euros Childs.
After candyfloss romance on the silver screen, sources claim YRF is working on a TV show called Seven, wherein seven persons who have special powers get together to save the world.
Switch is offered in two colours cl baby blue/sweet violet and c2 candyfloss pink/minty green (as pictured) and size 46-17-125.
Additional attractions included face-painting, henna, candyfloss, popcorn and snow cones.
Unlike costly theme parks, even if you haven't got much money you can stroll around Hull Fair, smelling the intoxicating scent of burnt sugar candyfloss and Bob Carver's pattie and chips.
30pm each day from December 20-23, with entertainment, a gift for every child plus a chocolate fountain and candyfloss and popcorn machines.
The fun day, which begins at noon and runs until 5pm, will see kids get the chance to build a bear and play inflatable laser quest alongside getting their faces painted and sampling candyfloss.
The winner's bar jukebox was belting out some '70s classics, while racegoers enjoyed a retro American bar selling popcorn, hotdogs, candyfloss and cocktails.
We want the perky pink shade Candyfloss, to complement glowing holiday skin.
But one unusual recipe has finally beaten celebrity TV chef Heston Blumenthal - savoury candyfloss.
BEST OF THE BUNCH - Katsura tree (Cercidiphyllum japonicum) IF YOU want a bit of wow factor in your garden in autumn, look to the Katsura tree, or candyfloss tree as it is known, which showers you in a sea of yellow, pink, orange and red leaves as autumn progresses.
Life isn't all clouds and candyfloss, real life is difficult for a lot of people.
From cute candyfloss shades to blazing bright pinks, hair's taking a bolder, brighter turn this autumn.