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an apple that is covered with a candy-like substance (usually caramelized sugar)

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The candy-apple red stand mixer is scheduled to launch at retail this summer for a suggested price of $399.
The leather work is finished in the candy-apple red featured in the original on-screen suit, with a translucent, pearl metallic finish.
Bill Castro of Methuen had a duster to constantly polish his all-custom, candy-apple red 1969 Malibu Pro Street.
How else could one describe the candy-apple red Dodge Charger, complete with 22-inch-rims, that is the taxpayer-funded plaything of California Senate President Don Perata, D-Oakland?
The car, which will be auctioned No Reserve, is a candy-apple red, mint-condition Corvette, which Probst drove on his very first date in 1977.
Candy-apple red was used to convey a "daring, yet fun look" to capture a younger consumer.
Vintage vehicles from the Auto Club's collection, including a 1936 candy-apple red, hot rod tow truck.
People see this and their heads snap around," said George Savin, a Northridge attorney who sat next to his wife Bonnie's candy-apple red '69 Ford Mustang Mach 1.
He would be candy-apple red and loud with dual exhaust.
The Broom Vac Extra as well as the Dust Devil and Dust Devil Deluxe hand vacs feature see-through dirt containers and are available in "more attractive and appealing colors," such as candy-apple red and cloud blue.
Variax will be available Autumn 2002, with a choice of black, sunburst, and candy-apple red finishes.
In addition to feminine checkered blouses with an updated twist, the show will feature suede skirt and vest sets in deep green and candy-apple red, as well as funky skirts accented with tulle and ruffles.
Step up to the platform and fasten yourself into one of XCELERATOR(SM)'s yellow and orange flame-emblazoned, candy-apple red or purple fin-tailed hot rods.
Dressed in candy-apple red swimsuits, lifeguards are required to wear white caps reading ``lifeguard.
Five-year-old Claudia Pineda tugged hard on her mother's hand, pulling her to her father's candy-apple red Suburban, parked behind other cars that were shiny and low to the ground.