candy corn

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a small yellow and white candy shaped to resemble a kernel of corn

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Seasonal confection sales continue to increase and shoppers seek out seasonal flavors, like M&M'S Brand White Candy Corn Candies and Dove Promises Peppermint Bark, say Mars officials, adding that it has also continued to see a growing demand for seasonal shapes.
Candy corn, unrelated to sweet corn, has everything to do with Halloween.
the candy corn supply is running low and so is the energy.
Kids at Halloween aren't the only fans of candy corn.
The new range of Jelly Belly Confections has just arrived from the USA and includes the much loved Candy Corn (90g), Sunkist[R] Fruit Gems[R], (100g), Licorice Bridge Mix (90g), Dutch Mints[R] (90g) and Raspberries & Blackberries (85g).
For Halloween, there's a black sweatshirt that has a pumpkin exploding with fireworks, and a vest with smiley pumpkins and candy corn.
Before we know it, the jack-o-lanterns will be out and grocery stores will be brimming with candy corn and bite-sized chocolates.
For Halloween Chris is deep frying bacon and cheese-filled pumpkins, and a battered American corn muffin, stuffed with traditional American sweets called Candy Corn.
Candy corn, a simple yet wholesome treat, lies amid
There's no word yet on whether any candy corn or miniature chocolate bars made it onboard to help the space station's six astronauts celebrate the season.
Carmel squares and high fructose corn syrup candy corn rank high on the naughty list with, respectively, 160 calories (four-piece serving) and 150 calories (21-piece serving).
Here's a scary snack for trick-or-treaters: Candy Corn Oreos.
35,000,000 pounds of candy corn are sold each year in the U.
CANDY CORN ICE CREAM: Not everyone's a fan of candy corn.
The dress also comes with a designer goody bag stuffed with filet mignon, chocolate sauce, kobe burgers and candy corn.