candy bar

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a candy shaped as a bar

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Next event in Edinburgh - April 27 in The Candy Bar, George St.
After an entertaining evening, it was still hard to find anything that set the Candy Bar ahead of the pack.
Customers may order the candy bar wrappers separately and purchase the 1.
UV Vodka's newest flavor: UV Candy Bar Vodka (Photo: UV Vodka)
The vending stalls with their chaotic assortment of almost invariably imported goods--cigarettes (a bargain at about 50 cents for a pack of Marlboros), liquor bottles, Milky Way candy bars, crotchless lace panties, deodorant, canned pineapple, neon-colored plastic digital watches--are not only more numerous than last fall but also generally a bit more civilized: cleaner and neater, some sporting signs and logos and even occasional decorations such as Christmas-tree lights.
After two years of research and development, we're so confident that our new candy bar is so good, that we're giving away half a million to consumers to give them the chance to decide for themselves," says Jeremy Vandervoet, marketing associate.
The company general manager, The Hershey Experience, Amy Hahn, said, 'Hershey's Chocolate World's new Create Your Own Candy Bar attraction will allow each guest to play the role of a chocolate innovator.
Detour Simple bars are certified gluten free, non-GMO and contain zero artificial ingredients, but have the same, great candy bar taste Detour is known for.
From Very Creamy Potato Soup to Easy Company Curry Chicken and Burnt Sugar Candy Bar Cake, Best Of The Best From Idaho Cookbook presents homestyle flavors to tease and tantalize the palate.
Additional corporate sponsors include Dylan's Candy Bar, Archipelago, NYFIX Millennium Sales, BRUT, SunGard Trading Systems, and Paramount Restaurant Supplies.
Today, Yasso introduced two new flavors to its lineup, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Coffee Chocolate Chip, and revealed the first-ever frozen Greek yogurt candy bars, Sea Salt Caramel Candy Bar and Toffee Crunch Candy Bar.
A Salted Caramel ice cream candy bar has also been added to the Weight Watchers line.
Companies such as The Real Candy Bar are hoping to bring consumers and alternative food companies together over the Web since many people do not live near stores offering organic sweets made without the top food allergens.
Mark came up with the strategy during the annual Student Council candy bar drive.