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an apple that is covered with a candy-like substance (usually caramelized sugar)

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Authorities also instructed residents to discard the candy apple product in plastic bags before throwing them in the thrash bins.
The kettle is designed with an all-steel, dome shaped body and is available in Candy Apple Red, Frosted Pearl White, Onyx Black, Silver Medallion and Sugar Pearl at a suggested retail price of $199.
Whether entranced by the whir of gears and pistons in the kinetic wall sculptures or marveling at the extraordinary dimension of the candy apple effect of multi-layered auto paint on aluminum, the eye is constantly engaged.
Nine speed models will also be available in Candy Apple Red, Espresso and Medallion Silver.
The Singing Mushrooms will be located in the newly re-themed Candy Apple Grove section of the park.
Candy Apple Grove, one of the park's original classic midways, returns with a bushel of new surprises.
Series Espresso Maker is available now in Candy Apple Red, Empire Red, Frosted Pearl White and Onyx Black at a suggested retail price of $1,299.
99, the mixer comes in the following color options: Candy Apple Red, Frosted Pearl White, Onyx Black and Sugar Pearl Silver.
The color showed up in silk charmeuse shirts worn open at the collar, in scarves tied on ladylike Kelly bags, opaque hosiery and, in the case of a BCBG black-and-white ensemble, the color punch was candy apple red in clunky Mary Jane shoes with a matching structured purse and gloves.
There's a slight fusty smell at first and then a raspberry and candy apple whiff.
Everything from chicken mashed potato bowls, chicken rice bowls, sausage bowls and Kentucky sides including seasoned collard greens and hot cinnamon apples, as well as buttermilk popcorn shrimp, sweet and spicy candy apple wings and sweet potato pie.
Both are available in Candy Apple Red or Classic Black.
Starting from the beginning, those with a sweet tooth will adore the caramel tones of the flavour-filled fragrance which made from luscious fruits of candy apple and pear, delicious flowers of jasmine, and velvety violet leaves with green freshness, and irresistible edibles like creamy caramel, whipped vanilla, and fluffy marshmallow.
com in Candy Apple and Stainless Steel, and will be available at KitchenAid.
CUTLINE: (1) Pictures or it didn't happen: An empty bottle of Candy Apple Faygo on Victor D.