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Synonyms for candour

Synonyms for candour

the quality of being honest and straightforward in attitude and speech

ability to make judgments free from discrimination or dishonesty

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The professional duty of candour applies when practitioners become aware that something has gone wrong and a patient in one's care has suffered physical or psychological harm or distress, or there might be implications for their future care.
We have now published new guidance setting out how to meet the professional duty of candour in our Standards of Practice.
Shocking candour DR Steve Ollerton's candour in the Examiner was refreshing but shocking.
Consultation seeks views on introducing duty of candour legislation.
Launching a consultation on proposals to introduce a statutory duty of candour for health and social care services, the Scottish Government aims to put transparency at the heart of our care and drive up standards of care offered.
They include a legal duty of candour for hospitals to be honest about medical errors.
Such a duty of candour was part of the coalition agreement requiring hospitals to be open with patients and families when things go wrong.
The applicant's candour in disclosing past conduct or lack of candour about past conduct may affect the outcome of the admission application.
She says if it were not for the candour of the owners, she would not have pursued the idea.
As the Globe put it: "Father Schonenbach, known for his candour, said: 'The church is stuck with its position on this.
High performance standards, innovative problem solving, training and development practices, candour and openness and teamwork.
Candour Communications of India and Blackie McDonald Communications Group in Australia are the newest additions to the global network, which now comprises 18 firms with a direct presence in 25 countries.
A PATIENT safety charity has called on Health Minister Edwina Hart to introduce a duty of candour into a new set of NHS standards.
Conversations: Group conversations and home dialogues in which participants discuss various topics or themes in openness, candour and friendship, may be a concrete step in promoting understanding.
But one meets here the same candour and reflective honesty for which the Cardinal has become so well known.