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a bowling game using slender bowling pins

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WEBSTER - Many great things have come out of Worcester, but certainly one of the best is candlepin bowling.
In recent years, candlepin has experienced a decline in popularity, and many well-known candlepin facilities have closed.
Now a local business offering "candlepin reinvented" is promising to pave the way for a resurgence of interest in candlepin bowling.
The candlepin pinsetters, which were original equipment from the 1950s, were taken apart and rebuilt, the interior of the facility was gutted and refinished in bright modern colors, a state-of-the-art automatic scoring system with automatic bumpers for the kids is nearly finished, the arcade was redesigned and the outside of the building received a facelift with a new entry, new signs and a bright paint job.
The Colonial, on Mill Street, is the last remaining candlepin bowling facility in Worcester, beckoning bowlers of all ages into its clean, spacious sporting arena.
Unlike tenpins, candlepin bowling features thinner pins and 3-1/2-pound bowling balls, three per frame with no in-between clearing away of the downed pins.
But here we are in 2011, and candlepin bowling is thriving at the Colonial, especially on Thursday afternoons from October through April when the Greendale Men's Retirement League takes over on several lanes.
Most of those bowlers in the league can remember the heyday of candlepin bowling and such local greats like Ken Whipple, Rollie Blondin and Ken Chin.
And it makes us wonder whether today's champions, whether professionals or amateurs, could hold a candlepin to the great names of the past.
I love the candlepins, but I did go over to tenpins for awhile when I bowled with the Foster Grant league," he said adding that he retired as a supervisor from Foster Grant after 46 years of making those "famous sunglasses.
He always maintained a 100-plus average in candlepins.
White began manufacturing the new pins, and before long many establishments only had candlepins and competition between members began to increase.
Candlepin bowling is alive and well on Putnam Street in downtown Fitchburg.
The bowling alley, one of the oldest candlepin lanes in the country, is on the second floor of 16 Putnam St.
Harry's major interest was candlepin bowling; he was on the bowling leagues of Jefferson, Colonial Lanes and Bay Path lanes.