candle flame

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the light provided by a burning candle

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A colleague at another university told me, 'Of course no one knows what a candle flame is actually made of.
5m diamond nanoparticles are created in a candle flame every second that it is burning.
Hazard: The candle flame can spread from the wick to the wax causing a larger than expected flame, posing a risk of burns to consumers.
Whilst reclining in a bathtub, the woman caught her hair in a candle flame, panicked and then managed to douse the flames.
Only later do we hear, how just last year two bathers died of the deadly heavy gas that can fill the basin without warning, unless a candle flame remains flickering to show it's safe.
Believe it or not, the tip of a candle flame produces over 1,500 degrees F.
It would be safe to say that several were contemplating this rhetorical music while dazing into a candle flame.
Warm the tip of the nail carefully over a candle flame or put into hot water.
Hence we seemed to spend all of Halloween trotting between the garden gate and the front door because the candle flame inside the turnip would always go out within about five steps of leaving the house.
Then he went on to discuss every known nuance of a candle flame.
Little Leticia Wright suffered unimaginable torture at the hands of her own mother and her boyfriend before her young life was snuffed out like a candle flame.
Look into a candle flame, pick up a key word or phrase during the litany of healing or focus on the music.
Young children do not understand that a candle flame can become a five-alarm blaze in just a few minutes.
Libertarian ideas, he thought, were like a delicate candle flame ever threatening to gutter; they could only be tended to monkishly by a tiny and obscure remnant.