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the quality of being honest and straightforward in attitude and speech

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Punctuated by candidness, civility, and enthusiasm to engage with a worldview other than one's own, these exchanges are sharp and cut through much of the ideological and conceptual clutter, leaving no room for obfuscation.
Her candidness and insight about the final reality of death, and the clarity with which she writes about it, transforms these essays into meditations.
But let's take a moment to acknowledge Lawrence for her candidness and assertiveness this year, since she criticized the unfair wage practices applied to the women of Hollywood.
Ipswich boss Mick McCarthy, with typical candidness, admitted: "They were miles better than us in the first half.
Its visitors enjoy the site's candidness and honesty.
But it's the guides that shine, as they share their lives and introduce their countries with candidness, grace and pride.
Here, anything goes -- trying to pick up a boy by picking him up in your car filled with friends, the candidness of being in a film while not wearing make-up, and the tricky terrain of paying for drinks when in the club.
When filmmakers talk to filmmakers, there's a kind of candidness that tends not to be analytical or even intellectual --it's much more about process," Baumbach says.
Ashgabat, 16 July 2015 (nCa) -- With a uniquely forthright set of ambassadors currently based in Ashgabat, this is the summer of candidness.
Fuller's candidness disarms readers, as in her admission that "for the things that unhorse you, for the things that wreck you, for the things that toy with your internal tide--against those things, there is no conventional guard.
The one from the '90s, Missy Elliott's "Mysterious/Beat Biters" (1999), in some ways stands as a precursor for the delivery styles of both Azealia Banks--who in "Heavy Metal and Reflective," from her 2014 debut, exhibits Elliott's self-sure attitude and candidness about sex--and Zebra Katz on "Ima Read" (2012), which owes at least as much to '80s ball culture, or vogue.
With remarkable candidness and objective selfassessment, Naseeruddin Shah narrated his struggle to earn a living through acting, his experiments with the craft, his successes, and failures.
King Abdullah took not only Saudi Arabia to safe waters but also was king for all Arabs with his stance of candidness and transparency in all issues making him a world leader.
Bunn the star amongst a poor cast Powell alluded to the fact he was able to take a sole positive from the game and it was refreshing to see his candidness about his underperforming players, as well as the praise he laid at the feet of the quicksilver Bunn after an impressive display.