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(used as intensives reflecting the speaker's attitude) it is sincerely the case that

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Candidly, I could do no more when I saw a glimmer of light, which, for a half mile, broke the darkness of the waters.
de Treville, confiding to him candidly the importance of his departure, when the news was transmitted to him as well as to his three friends that the king was about to set out for Paris with an escort of twenty Musketeers, and that they formed part of the escort.
I pledge you my word, madam," said the abbe, "that my intentions are good; and that you husband can incur no risk, provided he answers me candidly.
Life is the greatest treasure, and speaking candidly, ours hangs by a thread.
My dear Rachel, I must candidly say that I think Gerald's future considerably more important than your past.
Pretty often, I'm afraid," the Professor candidly confessed.
They did not appear to attract the observation of the crowd around them, but I must candidly confess that for my, own part, I stared at them most pertinaciously.
Crawford with either sister without observation, and seldom without wonder or censure; and had her confidence in her own judgment been equal to her exercise of it in every other respect, had she been sure that she was seeing clearly, and judging candidly, she would probably have made some important communications to her usual confidant.
If your majesty requires me to speak candidly, I do not believe in Mademoiselle de la Valliere's affection; the delight at being at court, the honor of being in the service of Madame, counteract in her head whatever affection she may happen to have in her heart; it is a marriage similar to many others which already exist at court; but De Bragelonne wishes it, and so let it be.
Hereupon we recovered our spirits, and the Doctor, approaching the Mummy with great dignity, desired it to say candidly, upon its honor as a gentleman, if the Egyptians had comprehended, at any period, the manufacture of either Ponnonner's lozenges or Brandreth's pills.
I suppose you mean on account of the rent," I remarked candidly.
Dyott had candidly asked if her friend had found him rude or crude, Maud replied--though not immediately--that she had feared showing only too much how charming she found him.
Candidly, she admitted that if she turned Martin Wade down now, she might never have another such opportunity.
But the kindness of his heart was such that he never resented anything for long, and welcomed his son today with a smile which was as candidly sweet as a child's.
If you ask me, Sir Leicester Dedlock, whether from the first I believed George to be the murderer, I tell you candidly no, but he might be, notwithstanding, and there was enough against him to make it my duty to take him and get him kept under remand.