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inflammation of the vagina (usually associated with candidiasis)

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Uncomplicated candidal vaginitis responds to any of numerous intravaginal preparations of clotrimazole, miconazole, tioconazole, and butaconazole available over the counter.
Recurrent or otherwise complicated candidal vaginitis is another matter entirely.
Recurrent or otherwise complicated candidal vaginitis is another matter entirely The therapeutic strategy here is to employ maintenance therapy to prevent recolonization, thereby preventing clinical relapse.
In his own recent study of 400 women with severe and/or complicated candidal vaginitis, C.
Black, an immunologist at the University of Pittsburgh, reported on 10 women with acute candidal vaginitis and a history of at least three prior episodes within the past year, as well as a control group of 17 women with asymptomatic vaginal candidal colonization.
The use of polymerase chain reaction testing (PCR) will be restricted to the most challenging patients, particularly those who have symptoms consistent with candidal vaginitis but who have normal pH and negative microscopy and culture results, stressed Dr.