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When Totski had approached the general with his request for friendly counsel as to a marriage with one of his daughters, he had made a full and candid confession.
Germaine will receive this candid explanation in the spirit in which it is offered; and he begs to add that Mrs.
How far I have succeeded in this good attempt, I shall submit to the candid reader, with only two requests: First, that he will not expect to find perfection in this work; and Secondly, that he will excuse some parts of it, if they fall short of that little merit which I hope may appear in others.
This was so simply said, and so sweet was the truthful and candid expression of her face, that the princess saw why Kitty had taken such a fancy to Varenka.
They formed in all their contradictions and obscurities an invincible and humanitarian creed, which he confessed rather than preached, with an obstinate gentleness, a smile of pacific assurance on his lips, and his candid blue eyes cast down because the sight of faces troubled his inspiration developed in solitude.
It was as if the monstrosity of the man, with his candid infant's eyes and a fat angelic smile, had fascinated her.
But you are giving the fact you've mentioned a prominence which strikes me as not quite candid, Inspector Heat.
PICKWICK felt much gratified by the fair, candid, and full explanation of his honourable friend.
If he is honest and candid with Congress, then he should be honored for he has set a good precedent.
This process results in a candid and more accurate assessment of company performance from many constituents.
Did you work with Kroitor prior to the Candid Eye series?
One way auditors and audit committees can ensure a candid and open discussion is to meet privately, without company management present--perhaps at the end of regularly scheduled committee meetings or on a separate occasion.
This new edition uses full-color photos to demonstrate how to work with lighting, location, angle, composition, physical characteristics, and environment in either portrait or candid situations.
The purchase of fun and unique products celebrating one's pet is the perfect way for people to get involved in saving animals," said Linda Coe, a representative of Candid Color Systems.