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branched candlestick

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Indeed, boreholes were found on the shells of dead Japanese scallops in a bay of the Primorye region of the Russian Far East, and 2 muricid gastropods--Boreotrophon candelabrum and Nucella heyseana--are listed as potential predators (Gabaev & Kolotukhina 1999, Ivin et al.
A particularly striking impression is created by a five-branch candelabrum and two differently-sized candleholders which are made of crystal, colour-sprayed in black, the latest fashion colour, the statement said.
For a start, Devlin is primarily a designer, not a maker, and it was he who conceived this amazing, almost futuristic three-section candelabrum.
A George III candelabrum by Birmingham manufacturer Matthew Boulton sold at auction for pounds 4,300 - almost three times the estimated price.
Concrete foundation block for candelabra 35u, trench network of 60m3 lighting, providing cover for public lighting 1400m, supply and installation sleeve 500m for public lighting, providing small cable 25mm2 copper 1400m, supply and installation cablet 25mm2 copper 400m, supply and installation 4x16mm2 electric copper cable 1900m, drawing room 6u, providing roasting red warning 300m, supply and installation candelabrum H: 6m 35u, supply and installation of luminaire applies 35u, candelabra equipment and apply with plug 70u illumination, Control panel EP 1u , connection 1u existing network.
It was during this period that Piranesi decided to recreate the most ambitious candelabrum of all to form a funerary monument to himself as an heir to the creative fantasia of ancient Rome (Figs.
Twice the electric candelabrum -- a treasured symbol for Jews -- was mangled, trampled bent out of shape and its bulbs broken.
He also had a memorable turn as the singing candelabrum Lumiere in the Disney animated classic ``Beauty and the Beast.
Hanukkah - which is celebrated by lighting an eight-branched candelabrum - when examined openly and honestly, putting the myths that surround the holiday on hold, teaches that we need not surrender to darkness.
All you see are hundreds of glowing flowers, as if they were brightly burning lamps on an arboreal candelabrum.
She'll have the table loaded with silver, from the candelabrum to the gravy boat, and it will be family heirlooms she's inherited - or will at least look like it.
PACOIMA - The Kwanzaa table had all the right elements - candelabrum, African flag, straw matt, husks of corn, fresh fruit, and symbols of black empowerment and unity.
The shamash is then used to light small, colorful candles on one or more menorahs - the nine-branched candelabrum used during the holiday.
The table setting uses favorite colors of the period - gold, topaz and crimson - enhanced by colors of the fall season with an artistic assortment of tabletop items, ranging from gold- edged scalloped dinner plates to bronze napkin rings designed like Egyptian dogs to the handmade sterling candelabrum tucked into a wreath of dried manzanita leaves.
When the curtain does open, the sexily attired soprano is draped over Kirsch's piano surrounded by Pat Frey's pseudo-grand opera setting, including velvet curtains and a candelabrum.