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Synonyms for cancellation

Synonyms for cancellation

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the speech act of revoking or annulling or making void

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Ajay Kashyap, special commissioner of police, Delhi, told M AIL T ODAY that cancellation
The relationships between test cancellation rates and various demographic and practice parameters were examined for statistical significance.
ii) If confirmed ticket is presented for cancellation between 48 hours and upto 12 hours before the scheduled departure of the train, 25% cancellation charges is levied subject to minimum flat cancellation charge.
The reasons for cancellation were broadly classified as cancellation due to lack of operating time, patient related factors, administrative or technical reasons, medical reasons and manpower shortage.
Prior to the reduction of the company's share capital through cancellation of shares held in treasury, there were in total 317,910,580 shares and votes in Lundin Petroleum of which 8,840,250 were held in treasury by Lundin Petroleum.
Conclusion: Preventable factors are mainly responsible for cancellation of surgeries.
However in cases where the patient was deemed 'unfit for surgery' there appeared to be significant ambiguity regarding whether there were avoidable or non avoidable causes for cancellation.
Ministry of Labour offices and its branches across the country will no longer receive and handle any transaction regarding cancellation.
The basis of electronic ambient noise cancellation is destructive wave interference between the unwanted noise signal and a "cancellation" signal that is created to be equal in magnitude to the noise signal and opposite in phase to it.
The Department cautioned, however, that electronic delivery of a cancellation notice would not be permissible "where the applicable statute specifically calls for the use of non-electronic means of giving notice.
Also, 20 percent of builders said that their cancellation rate was higher in January than six months earlier, while only 8 percent said that their cancellation rate was down over that period.
A base policy starts at $3,000 in cancellation insurance, and policyholders can select what coverages they would like to add, said President and CEO Robert V.
At least 62 low-income countries need both immediate, unconditional debt cancellation and additional aid to meet the goals of halting the spread of HIV-AIDS and halving the incidence of extreme poverty, hunger and lack of safe drinking water.
2004-110, the IRS effectively reversed its position on cancellation payments in the context of an employer-employee relationship.