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Synonyms for cancellation

Synonyms for cancellation

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the speech act of revoking or annulling or making void

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Observation: While the ruling concerns itself only with a "disappearing deficit restoration obligation" occurring as a result of cancellation of recourse debt, the same theory can be applied to a reduction in minimum gain brought about by cancellation nonrecourse debt.
The SoundClear(R) brand of patented full-duplex communication and echo cancellation solutions is enabling significant advancements in telecommunications voice quality.
Holders of the Debentures and Equity Contracts will be sent information and instructions at least 60 days prior to the redemption and cancellation date.
The SoundClear acoustic echo cancellation and full duplex control enables a natural bi-directional speakerphone conversation.
The AMIS Echo Cancellation algorithm eliminates acoustic echo, a common problem for headset users whereby the signal being transmitted out of the headset speaker is re-captured by the headset microphone.
168-standard compliant Line Echo Cancellation Library (SW300080-EVAL) offers telecom designers improved integration possibilities and the ability to reduce costs, due to Microchip's unique licensing structure.
The SoundClear solution cancels annoying echo and applies sophisticated noise cancellation techniques to optimize speech intelligibility and provide rich, clear sound in diverse environments, from noisy background conditions to normal office environments.
According to merger agreement entered between Ningbo Yonglian and ZRCC, Ningbo Yonglian will pay the cancellation price per ZRCC H share at HK$10.
Snowbirds, skiers, international travelers and everyone in between can now insure for trip cancellation and travel medical coverage outside their resident country through the premier travel insurance website www.
LOS ANGELES -- Unique engineering design uses a common PCB to host hardware-based echo cancellation and voice enhancement for all voice platforms
With the SoundClear Noise Cancellation technology, major environmental and line noise sources are removed providing superior performance, even with changing levels of background noise.
com), a leading provider of connectivity hardware and software products for VoIP, TDM voice, WANs and Internet infrastructure, today announced that it has filed a patent application for a method to enhance the efficiency of echo cancellation hardware and software.
729 compression without Digium's echo cancellation module and 150 channels with G.
Grand Prix tickets to any client who purchased trip cancellation coverage through the company for the trip to Indianapolis to attend the race.