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Synonyms for cancellate

having a latticelike structure pierced with holes or windows

having an open or latticed or porous structure

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Shell turbiniform-conical and with finely cancellate or beaded sculpture; periphery more or less evenly rounded; outer lip lacking external varix; parietal callus not expanded Herpetopoma (part)
Etymology: From Latin reticulatus (netted); in reference to the cancellate, net-like sculpture.
salpinx may be confused with those of Danilia textilis, but the latter have finer, more regularly cancellate sculpture, a sunken rather than an exsert protoconch and more rounded whorls with a more narrowly channelled suture.
Herpetopoma pruinosum (Marshall, 1979), from the Kermadec Ridge, is also similar but has a lower spire and a finer, more obviously cancellate sculpture.
The shell of Vaceuchelus species is small (length <10 mm), predominantly white and has a cancellate or foveolate sculpture.
Nonetheless, they retain a well defined, relatively fine, cancellate sculpture on the last adult whorl and have four and five spiral cords respectively on the base (including that level with suture) as opposed to three in V.
The apical whorls are sculptured only with axial pliculae and subsequent whorls with both spiral cords and axial pliculae that interact to produce a cancellate or foveolate sculpture (not obviously beaded).
5-2 times as numerous as peripheral projections; interval between peripheral cord/keel and abapical suture progressively deeper and more channelled with growth; development of remaining spirals between adapical suture and periphery variable, sometimes distinct, sometimes obsolete; axial sculpture becoming less obvious with growth; apical whorls (not first) somewhat cancellate, becoming more foveolate with elongate D-shaped pits on later whorls; pliculae in supra-sutural sulcus usually stronger and less close-set than those above peripheral keel.
informa McLean & Poorman, 1971, from Ecuador; however, this taxon evidently lacks diagonally cancellate protoconch sculpture.
Nevertheless, it is possible that the two taxa may intergrade, as diagonally cancellate sculpture may only develop towards the termination of the protoconch.