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a high-kicking dance of French origin performed by a female chorus line

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Blase and inert, I spent my evenings generally at the Chateau des Fleurs, where I would get fuddled and then dance the cancan (which, in that establishment, was a very indecent performance) with eclat.
Chateau des Fleurs; there I shall find Oblonsky, songs, the cancan.
Although Lehar wrote more than 30 operettas, he remains best known in North America for Die lustige Witwe (The Merry Widow), with its beguiling "Vilja" aria, seductive Pavillion duet, irresistible waltz and spirited cancans.
The Cancans drew level eight minutes later when Shawn Scott beat three defenders and finished calmly before Coull's late goals blitz sealed the win.
Over the years, the Moulin Rouge has become the most famous cabaret in the world, internationally known for its French Cancan, immortalized by Toulouse-Lautrec in 1891 with his first advertising poster, as well as for its sumptuous grand stage shows: elaborate costumes boasting feathers, Swarovski crystals and sequins, fantastical settings, and original music.