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a high-kicking dance of French origin performed by a female chorus line

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But the concept of the cancan has remained the same since the beginning - feathers, sequins, fabulous settings, original music and beautiful girls.
Cancan is the world champion and has beaten Adams in their last two fights, but so complete was Adams's control of the bout in the last seconds of the final round that she indulged in some showmanship, imitating the trademark shuffle of her childhood hero, Muhammad Ali.
The Leeds 29-year-old boxed superbly amid another raucous ExCeL atmosphere to repel the relentless advances of the smaller Kom and book a gold medal match against world No 1 Cancan.
The fighter from Leeds was ranked number two coming into the tournament and had twice before lost to Cancan, but she was not going to be defeated in the gold medal bout as she boxed the perfect fight.
It includes, of course, an obligatory performance of the Cancan.
STURBRIDGE - When Sturbridge mom Renee DeSousa says she likes the cancan, she's not talking about a chorus line of French dancers.
Q I'M celebrating my 60th in July and would like to see the cancan at the Moulin Rouge, as well as the Eiffel Tower.
It seems the committee women and their friends decided to liven things up with an elaborately costumed and produced cancan routine, performed by themselves.
According to the Visitors Bureau, approximately three million tourists visit Cancan each year, accounting for 30 percent of all tourism dollars spent in Mexico, when Hurricane Wilma blew through the Yucatan Peninsula on October 21, 2005, the damage to Cancun's hotels, restaurants, and beaches was immeasurable.
Reminiscent of a child throwing its toys out of the crib during a tantrum, the pneumatically pumped net erupts at irregular intervals as if in random fits of rage, throwing arms and legs and dice up in the air: a spectacle somewhere between cancan and coup de des, a grotesque demonstration of how rampages of irrational power are presented to us as fate, posed as the inevitable principles that govern seemingly cyclical movements of calamitous history.
For further information, photographs and interview requests please contact Cancan Communications: Joslyn Tinker, joslyn@cancancommunications.
Q MY boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Cancan or the Maya Riviera on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.
It pays tribute to the icons of the genre, including Mae West, Charlie Chaplin, Mata Hari, the French cancan, Lili St.
I find the cancan music in Orpheus in the Underworld thrilling, although it is neither deep nor complex nor particularly original.
All of it, though, right through to the inevitable cancan from Orphee aux Enfers, is highly invigorating and endlessly entertaining.