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a form of rummy using two decks of cards and four jokers

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The brand new Maze, choreographed by Scottish Ballet dancer Sophie Laplane, showed that this company's talent is not all Maze/Motion of Displacement/ Elsa Canasta Theatre Royal, Glasgow 24.
Canasta Prize Winners: Wendy Steen and Olwyn Hornby.
Born Chananel Mifelew in Krakow, Poland, Canasta developed a unique brand of psychological illusion that included failure in front of a live audience.
If it were like Chess or Canasta I could tell you the rules, and we could, if we wanted to, stop playing and discuss the rules.
There is a joy doing that," Nasty Canasta said after nearly two hours of reading.
They talked peripherally about cooking, although my grandmother's idea of cooking was limited to spreading cream cheese onto Boston Brown Bread rounds, or to the delicious watermelon pickles she created for her Canasta group.
Dynamique models are equipped with 16-inch Canasta alloy wheels, extended front wings, air conditioning, automatic headlights, automatic wipers and a 4x15w RDS radio CD and comes in three engine choices: 1.
Bachelor Rob Clark, 36, will roll the dice on board his 42ft Canasta each time he leaves a country.
He has come at his wife's bidding because she is too old and infirm to keep track of the cards when they play canasta: "He cheated at Canasta and she won.
Cheating at Canasta contains some of the best fiction of his halfcentury as a writer.
Gin and canasta are descended from 1000-year-old Chinese game mah-jongg.
Auntie Lee sat with them, too, agreeing to try bowling with Wally if he would try canasta.
Lelyveld ties her attempt on her life to "a long, preachy letter" he'd sent arguing that she ought to relent and allow her mother-in-law to visit for Passover because, as he had pleaded, for Grandma "not to be invited for a year and a half, to be perpetually stalled, was to be left isolated, sad, and shamed before her cousins and the friends with whom she played canasta.
The tour de force, though, was reserved for the almost sublime Elsa Canasta, a highly charged and frequently erotic episodic work pulsating with a musical interlude by Cole Porter,originally composed for the Ballets Suedois in Paris.
He said other groups in the planning stage involved canasta, music appreciation, gardening, computing, local history, walking and a holiday club.