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Synonyms for canary-yellow

having the color of a canary


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And another source added: "If we win in Georgia, the fans won't care if we are wearing canary-yellow tops and brown shorts.
The canary-yellow flowers appear throughout the summer until frost kills the plant.
RENEE ZELLWEGER (March 25, 2001): Zellweger ignited a mad rush for reconstructed vintage when she introduced a segment acknowledging the previously bestowed scientific and technical Oscars wearing a canary-yellow 1959 Jean Desses gown that took five fittings and 52 hours of restoration to hug her 110-pound frame.
THE canary-yellow dress certainly makes her stand out in the crowd.
White bleached floors with a canary-yellow and while-painted stencil, white walls, white drapery with a yellow trim, a piece or two of antique furniture that wasn't going to crumble in the sun.
There they uncovered a fur (faux, of course) covered box tied with rhinestone ribbon and a rhinestone-studded initial, containing a canary-yellow and golden Croton watch with a spiky yellow stingray strap.
With their dazzling canary-yellow heads and underparts and orange breasts, the males are a beautiful sight.