canary bird

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any of several small Old World finches

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I am of course referring to Rosa xanthina Canary Bird, one of the earliest flowering shrub roses for the British garden, with its delicate foliage and bright yellow flowers that continue to give of their best from early May to early June in a cool year such as this one.
The fence is disguised with climbers such as Solanum Crispum Glasnevin, the yellow rose Canary Bird and more than 25 different clematis varieties.
QI have a new shrub rose called Canary Bird which is covered with single flowers.
Canary bird bush (Crotalaria) is a garden treasure that most people know nothing about.
Hawkeye has two smartly bred mares among his first positive results: Lit de Justice mare Burnin' Memories - a Listed winner in the US - and Canary Bird, dam of Canadian Grade 3 winner Fearless Flyer.
Canary Bird (Rosa xanthina), the earliest of the roses, has been in full bloom since the end of April in some gardens.
The obscure yet distinctive canary bird bush (Crotalaria agatiflora) is a drought-tolerant shrub that deserves wider recognition and landscape use.
Pat Shanahan, rider of All To Easy, was cautioned by the stewards to be more careful in his riding after an inquiry into an incident early in the straight in which Canary Bird (sixth) was slightly hampered.
Candlelight and Sunningdale Yellow are good pale yellows, while Canary Bird, Yellowhammer and Goldfinch are darker.
Abutilon Canary Bird is one that you should be able to pick up at most garden centres.
If you want a real splash of fire, choose the striking Lucifer with its flame-red, trumpetshaped flowers clustered along an elegant arching spike, or Canary Bird with golden yellow flowers.
Late into the night, I sit and Tweet (sending messages on Twitter is called Tweeting, which is embarrassing, as it sounds like that yellow canary bird with a lisp, from Looney Tunes) about things like the resignation of the pope or what I ate for lunch.
I have to leave my two canary birds at a friend's house and feel guilty about leaving them with a person who has no emotional attachment to the birds," Nusrat Jehan, an expatriate housewife, said.
Address of Alan Dershowitz at Lubavitch Conference, November 27, 2005: He refers to the well-known use of canary birds in coal mines to serve as warning against carbon monoxide fumes.
Sometime between 3pm on Tuesday, November 27 and 9am on Wednesday, November 28, 12 Canary birds were stolen from a garden in Rhos, Wrexham.