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a deliberately misleading fabrication

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Canard nabbed a top-five start in moto one and quickly moved into second on lap two.
According to Le Canard, Dati considered filing a legal complaint for "racial insults.
The Canard Enchaine said it uncovered e-mails showing that Ikea officials paid 70 [pounds sterling] ($111 U.
Mossad conducted the assassinations "with the help of the CIA and MI6," Le Canard enchaine said.
The allegation, denied by Woerth after it appeared in the satirical newspaper Le Canard Enchaine and weekly magazine Marianne, was that a 53-hectare plot of land including the racecourse was sold for EUR2.
According to local media reports, the partners said the need for a "new, efficient" plant in the region follows the 2007 closure of Maple Leaf Foods' poultry plant at nearby Canard.
French newspaper Le Canard Enchain said Bruni had them scrapped because they fell within six days of an Aids charity concert.
In his statement he repeated the oft used canard that NWP were renowned for their hard line on traffic enforcement.
CDATA[ After a week of hearing Moslems say that rebuilding a synagogue in the Old City of Jeusalem is a provocation--and the canard that it is on top of a mosque--here is the real saga of the Hurva, a very Jewish tale.
The Magret de Canard Ouverture was as delightful to the palate as the ambience was to the senses.
The model also included a custom high-speed data acquisition system and high-rate canard actuators capable of deflecting the canards at rates of 1500[degrees] per second, as well as high-performance canard and roll control systems.
It seems that whenever the Bush administration loyalists have their Divine Right of Rule challenged, some anti-democratic type comes up with the old canard, "America is not a democracy; it's a republic.
The group's Web site promotes the Religious Right canard of America as a Christian nation.
Henderson even buys the canard that the Caruses' efforts to promote "high culture" were doomed by mass enrollments, as though it were an obvious truth that the children of the poor could never appreciate classic fairy tales and myths, a rather questionable assumption.
Otherwise, it recycles the canard that the Near East is populated not by civilians but by radicals perpetually on the brink of becoming even more radicalized.