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provide (a city) with a canal

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Actually the top-surface of the glacial landscape was higher, but it has been removed during drainage and canalizing works.
He said government should take strive more for canalizing the remittances into productive economic activities so that the country could reap better economic benefits.
He also asked to concentrate on gene ratio of durable community assets, assimilation of new technologies in production and marketing, access to sub-national, national and global markets for the rural producers, creation of sensitivity towards sustainable investing of natural resources as well as canalizing of consumer preference towards items produced by the rural producers.
The counter-battery proved extremely effective and on target, wounding two of the members of the cell while canalizing them into the telegraphed egress route.
If I am right, literature originated as a form of self-engineering, a method for manipulating our own behavioral dispositions by canalizing deep, biologically rooted passions to produce novel forms of behavior.