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provide (a city) with a canal

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One of the major changes is the canalised mine water from oil shale mining in the area.
He canalised India's resolve and in just 20 months that he lived after the October 1962 debacle he had transformed India's defence forces.
Open until the 19th century, and more of a sour sewer than a sweet stream, the southern stretch had been canalised, following a visionary plan by Christopher Wren and Robert Hooke to join it with the adjacent City of London and milk its commercial possibilities as an additional transport link.
He drew peg 34 on the canalised lake then pole fished at 10 metres with soft pellet to catch carp, tench and skimmer bream.
Cardiff Nomads found plenty of fish when club members fished the canalised section of the Taff Feeder right in the city centre.
The barrage would result in a permanent increase in the level of the Ouseburn creating a freshwater, canalised section of river.
The flooding was cured when the big machines went into the river and canalised it and removed all the obstacles.
The Barrow used to be a significant canalised waterway right up to the 1950s with important river ports at Athy, Carlow, Graigamanagh and New Ross.
Watercourses identified for habitat improvements for wildlife include Wallsend Burn, Lemington Gut, Briardene, Seaton Burn and Horton Burn, The trust has been working on 'renaturalised' riverbanks or 'bio-havens' in the canalised section of Wallsend Burn and the positioning of artificial nesting islands for birds on Lemington Gut.
Contract notice: Audit and closure of public equipment concessions on the canalised moselle.
As much of Saltney Meadows is on reclaimed land, and lies below high tide levels on the River Dee, the area has been extensively canalised to prevent waterlogging.
Boris Johnson suggests that water should be canalised from Wales and Scotland to feed the parched systems around the capital and home counties.
Although mounds in the study area have been investigated previously (Latcham 1928; Dillehay 1985; 1990a; 2007), raised and canalised fields and their association with mound complexes have only recently been identified and studied.
The charm of the 'old' village is increased by the canalised brook that hastens down one side of the street.