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a small canal or duct as in some bones and parts of plants

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Presaccal stenosis or stenosis of the canaliculi are not a contraindication for DCR, as it prepares the site for subsequent positioning of a Lester-Jones tube.
Of the 4 patients whose mass was located in the upper eyelid/medial canthal region, lacrimal system involvement was discovered intraoperatively in 1 patient and the excision area was expanded to include the lacrimal sac and canaliculi.
It is important to use blood tests to evaluate the catalytic activity of liver enzymes, particularly GGT (Gamma Glutamyl Transferase) and AST (Aspartate Amino transaminase), since a significant increase in serum is indicative of hepatic impairment, especially GGT, which is located at the canaliculi hepatic level (4-6).
It has been demonstrated that embedding the hepatocytes into a 3D collagen gel improved the bile canaliculi formation, which is accompanied with the formation of tight junction between the cells.
Miyauchi, "Staining of pancreatic centroacinar cells, liver bile canaliculi and testicular Leydig cells with a monoclonal antibody against adrenocortical cells," Cell & Tissue Research, vol.
Bacteria and their toxins located in the canal pulp and in dental canaliculi induce osteoclast formation.
When studying histoarchitectonics in the longitudinal section of the diaphysis' bone wall of long bones, our attention was attracted by the amount of Haversian canals, lumen width in the longitudinal section, width of anastomoses or Volkmann's canaliculi, the anastomoses type and degree, and Haversian canals' location and the distance between them.
DCR tube was then passed through the upper and lower canaliculi, the probes of which were delivered into the nasal cavity by the ENT surgeon.
Its existence in bile canaliculi, kidneys, testes and intestine has also been documented8.
Fine-needle aspiration cytology of the mass revealed the presence of bile canaliculi and bile formation, an extremely rare finding.
Once conjugated, bilirubin is actively transported out of the liver cells and into the bile canaliculi.
Conjunctivoralostomy is a surgical technique for treatment of chronic epiphora due to an obstructed lacrimal canaliculi.
Lacunae, canaliculi, and haversian canals of size varying from nano to micro meters, act as natural cavities.
The hepatocytes appeared normal, and the lobules and bile canaliculi were well outlined.