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a small canal or duct as in some bones and parts of plants

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coli endotoxin on canalicular bile formation in the isolated perfused rat liver.
Similar to pCEA, CD10 also shows a canalicular pattern in neoplastic and nonneoplastic liver tissues, but it appears to be less sensitive for HCC in comparison with pCEA.
Sixteen of the 58 glands were from the pseudoglandular stage but none of these expressed BPIFA1, 22 were at the canalicular stage, four (18%) of which expressed BPIFA1, and 20 were from the terminal bud stage with 13 (65%) expressing BPIFA1.
Lung maturation is divided into four periods: (a) pseudoglandular, (b) canalicular (c) terminal sac, and (d) alveolar phases.
Initial blood results showed pancytopenia, a normocytic, normochromic anaemia, and mildly elevated transaminases and canalicular enzymes.
Brain MRI revealed a lesion involving the left temporal lobe, basal ganglia, and invasion of the hypothalamus, optic chiasm, canalicular optic nerves, and sella.
Se realizo una nueva RM que evidencio un significativo aumento de volumen de la lesion con respecto al examen inicial, marginando todo el trayecto orbitario del nervio optico asi como su porcion canalicular, manteniendo sus caracteristicas de senal y comportamiento con el uso de gadolinio (Figura 2).
The pattern is distinctly granular, occasionally ring-like, and is present diffusely throughout the hepatocyte cytoplasm without canalicular accentuation.
Biliary atresia was defined as the presence of extrahepatic obstruction on liver biopsy, based on bile duct proliferation, portal fibrosis and canalicular bile stasis.
8 anos, el diagnostico histopatologico de mayor prevalencia fue el canalicular infiltrante en el 72% (42 mujeres) y el 67% de ellas se encontraban en las etapas clinicas II y III.
The analysis of plasma markers of hepatocellular injury (ALT, AST, and LDH), canalicular enzymes (ALP, [gamma]-GT), and markers of liver function (albumin and total proteins) is shown in Table 2.
The hydatid cyst stages are a cyst with a visible cyst wall (stage 1), multiseptated, multivesicular cysts (stage 2), a cyst with a detached floating endocyst membrane (stage 3a), a unilocular cyst with solid or mucinous matrix and internal daughter cysts (stage 3b), a heterogeneous solid cyst with a degenerative internal canalicular structure (stage 4), and a degenerated cyst with heavily calcified wall (stage 5) [17].
1,2,3) The clinical signs are punctal or canalicular edema, redness, and purulent discharge from the punctum when pressure is applied.
Hepatocyte-like cells could obtain hexagonal structure with large nucleus (Figure 3H) and further canalicular architecture (Figure 31) following prolonged culture in exposed cells.