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Within the legacy Foresight portfolio there has been a strong earnings performance from Camwood, resulting in a material increase in valuation.
In the last three decades of the century, coastal trade eventually plummeted due in large part to the commercial recession of the time, the drop in demand of goods such as camwood and palm oil due to technological advances, and competition from foreign steam packets.
706 million was realised by the Company over the investment lives of App-DNA, DiGiCo, Camwood and Iglu.
In April 2012, the VCT sold its investment in Camwood Enterprises, a company which was spun out of App-DNA in 2010, to the company's management team for a net cash consideration of [pounds sterling]943k compared to a prior year-end valuation of [pounds sterling]499k.
Following a rigorous, systematic process Camwood can help customers harness SharePoint 2010 to manage and access both structured and unstructured data, ultimately providing them with the ability to empower decision makers, improve organisational effectiveness, and enable IT efficiency.
Frank Foxall, CEO of Camwood Limited commented: "With Microsoft's backing, Camwood is positioned as a leading SharePoint strategist, helping organisations work out the functionality they need based on the specific challenges they face and then building a business case which can be shared with the management team.
It also goes by the commercial names camwood, corail and barwood.
0 Vehicle cleaning and valet services Basildon Cost Proceeds Exit (GBPm) (GBPm) Business/Buyer Location Camwood 0.
In November 2010 Camwood completed the demerger of its App-DNA
full in March and July; Camwood Enterprises which repaid its loan of
App-DNA was demerged from The Income and Growth VCT plc portfolio investee company Camwood Enterprises Limited in 2010.
Mobeus has also had a very strong year for exits, clocking up five sales : Original Additions, AppDNA, DiGiCo, Camwood and Iglu.
5 Manufacturer of digital sound mixing consoles Isis Camwood 0.
Camwood Enterprises and AppDNA both made repayments in March of [pounds]166,667 per company and Camwood Enterprises has settled its loan in full since the period-end by making a further repayment of [pounds]166,667.
The significant contributors to this increase were Amaldis, Digico, Iglu, Camwood, Westway, British International, Monsal and ATG Media.