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a field on which the buildings of a university are situated

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Not only do they provide safety on and around our campuses, but they provide training to our staff and students.
The API ranks schools based on standardized test results, and campuses are being given $63 per student if they met or exceeded their target results.
Wireless networking on college campuses promotes efficient use of time and resources, and increases real-time communication between professors and students, and among student groups," said Alan Cohen, senior director of marketing, Wireless Networking Business Unit, Cisco Systems.
The Blackberry handheld has been adopted by senior administrators on some campuses as a way to stay in touch while traveling or during a campus emergency.
Nationwide, universities employ nearly 3 million people--65 percent on urban campuses, according to the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (www.
The bond measure would include $165 million designated for new campuses, to be divided evenly between the community college, California State University and University of California systems.
edu/cas/Documents/ social norms) released through the Harvard School of Public Health in January 2004 (which studied students' exposure to such social norms marketing messages and their drinking behavior at 37 colleges employing the campaigns, and at 61 that did not), there is no evidence of a decline in drinking on campuses that employ social norms marketing techniques.
Students can complete many degrees at the CSU's satellite campuses without having to attend their main affiliated campus.
Most frequently, campuses enter the field of distance education with a traditional mindset.
For parents, students and school administrators alike, the attack raises new, urgent questions about security at Los Angeles campuses at a time when student-on-student violence is becoming epidemic nationwide.
Campus Management's commitment to continuously evolving its technology has resulted in a vast, long-term enterprise solution capable of millions of daily transactions, providing real-time operational visibility across departments and multiple campuses.
Almost all campuses participating in the survey (92 percent) now have some policy to stop students from pirating software; and 87 percent have codes of conduct to copyright book and journal content.
Kanthak said the money from both sales was needed for electrical upgrades that will increase the capacity for new technology at the Simi Valley Unified School District's 27 other campuses.