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a field on which the buildings of a university are situated

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Partly because people have waited so long for this campus, everyone has high expectations and expects us to emerge out of the ground and have everything in place all at once,'' Rush said.
CSO Research's Interfase(TM) system will now be available to Jenzabar clients as part of Jenzabar's Total Campus Management solution.
At TSU, 42-inch, flat panel digital signs that hang in the LBJ Student Center and the campus recreation center help promote campus activities and vendors.
These include an evaluation of campus assets and liabilities, defining future needs, establishing long- and short-term objectives, and proposing a timetable for completion of each phase of the program.
We're not going to do anything without campus support or community support,'' Standerfer said.
New York University was selected based on a series of criteria, including the ability to create a culture of entrepreneurship that permeates the campus, the potential to create new representative models, and the ability to partner with other foundations and funders.
The physical campus has a pervasive impact on student learning and achievement.
The dorms are part of a larger campus master plan that envisions urban agriculture, public-private enterprises and various types of student housing, including a senior citizen complex.
Flexcar for Undergrads now opens up all of the benefits of car-sharing to 18-20 year-olds, a group which comprises the largest portion of most campus populations.
In many cases it's the campus administration saying we have a tough time getting our kids to communicate with each other.
The Channel Islands campus, on the site of the former Camarillo State Hospital, is the first public four-year university to open its doors in Ventura County.
Bernstein will work in existing and new geographies to exponentially grow Campus Apartments delivery of turnkey solutions for adaptive reuse, ground-up, and mixed-use construction projects that maximize the institutional value of student housing.
New retail should always be open by the fall, she advises, when students arrive on campus and peak periods such as homecoming and parents weekend occur.
The Council of Independent Colleges has launched the CIC Historic Campus Architecture Project (HCAP), a database of searchable information about significant buildings, landscapes, campus plans, and heritage sites of American higher education.
Over the summer he attended a week-long campus ministry institute at the University of Notre Dame to gear up for his work ahead.
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