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a field on which the buildings of a university are situated

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The 23 institutions responding to an informal University Business survey about the CIC HCAP indicate that the site is already being put to good use, for: campus planning; promoting a school's presence to prospective students and staff as well as to alumni; sharing campus buildings' histories with the public; and seeing work by particular architectural design firms.
Campus administrators have a difficult line to walk as it relates to working efficiently and effectively with the diverse cultures and sub-cultures on college campus today.
Something good is happening at SMU and in the more than 1,200 Catholic campus ministry programs in colleges and universities across the country.
Princeton Corporate Campus at Forrestal Center is located on Route 1 between College Road and Scudders Mill Road on a 75-acre tract in the heart of the Princeton office market.
Barrel Springs will move to the new campus at 37th Street East and Pearblossom Highway from its former campus at 25th Street East and Pearblossom Highway.
Residents, staff, and family can now walk from one end of the campus to the other without going outdoors.
So when the university refused to refund his money, Southworth and two classmates took the school and 18 campus groups to court.
For the last several years, students have been using the campus and the surrounding communities as a laboratory, to apply the lessons they're learning in the classroom," she says.
In that way this town reminds me of Laramie because [Matthew Shepard] shouldn't have had to be in a straight bar," says Warren, the former president of the campus gay and lesbian group.
First, the campus population consists primarily of young adults or postadolescents in pursuit of higher education.
Some schools are already looking to Rave Wireless's Mobile Phone Program, its service that provides universal mobile phone devices and plans to a campus community, with an eye towards replacing landlines in the future.
Established by The Qatar Foundation, Education City is a 2,500-acre campus on the outskirts of Doha that hosts branch campuses for five of the world's leading universities, as well as many other educational and research institutions.
The winning team--which will include architects, landscape designers and urban planners--will be given the opportunity to create the landscape for the greening of the College Avenue campus and to design a new, signature academic building.
We can't justify spending $17 million before we even start construction on a campus.
Recognizing this, representatives from each of the 22 campuses in the CSU gathered to discuss ways to more effectively implement CSL on each campus by sharing resources and information.
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