camphor tree

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large evergreen tree of warm regions whose aromatic wood yields camphor

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2009b) reported laurel wilt from camphor trees in Florida and Georgia, but tests of camphor wood as a host material for X.
That distinction goes to the camphor tree (Cinnamomum camphora), which grows in Japan, China and Taiwan and the Borneo and Sabah camphorwood from various species of Dryobalanos.
The most striking objects at the site, however, are the nine boat-shaped caskets, each carved from a single trunk of a camphor tree, the largest measuring 18.
The grounds feature a Camphor tree planted in 1865, the first in North America.
visitors able to tear themselves away from oceanside pursuits are welcome to stop by his winery, situated at about 2,000 feet, and engage in a high-level pinic under a huge camphor tree.
Rumberger achieved beloved community fame while living in Winter Park, where neighbors relied upon his annual stunning decorations to a 100-year-old camphor tree with thousands of lights every Christmas season, which became quite the local attraction.
Its victims also include several other types of laurel trees, including the redbay, swampbay, sassafras, silkbay, camphor tree, spicebush, pond-berry, and pondspice.
Tarnopolsky also added a square of concrete pavers under the shade of a new camphor tree in a far corner to accommodate small parties or additional seating space during larger parties, and put a terrace of decomposed granite near the kitchen where the couple barbecues.
The DWP offers up to seven five-gallon trees, with 50 varieties from which to choose, including jacaranda, white alder, camphor tree, Canary Island pine, California sycamore and Southern magnolia.
Set within the multi-tiered site are an array of trees and plants including a Camphor tree lined central driveway; canopies of Chinese Pistache trees; benches and sculptures in the open areas between buildings; and a colonnade of 25-foot Date Palms and flowering Purple Orchid trees surrounding a central circular water feature on the dining terrace.
Other Lauraceae susceptible to laurel wilt disease include silkbay (Persea humilis Nash), sassafras [Sassafras albidum (Nuttall) Nees], camphor tree [Cinnamomum camphora (L.
A few other familiar trees which supplied home remedies were the beech, persimmon, fringe tree, ash tree, camphor tree, sea grape and wild cherry.