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a site where people on holiday can pitch a tent

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The nearby Brandywine Lake campground, operated by the Dry River Ranger District of George Washington National Forest, is a fine place to bed down "amid the culture.
Most RV parks and campgrounds are independently owned; even many chain campgrounds are independently owned franchises.
The existing building in Lakeview Campground is not fitted out with showers and does not offer barrier-free washrooms.
Listings contain details needed to select the right campground or RV park, including location information, rates, Woodall's campground ratings, hookup availability, handicap accessibility, pet policies, Internet access and the availability of AAA member discounts.
The Hoodoo Ski Area ran into a tough competitor for a permit to manage 47 campgrounds on the Willamette National Forest.
Guided Discoveries, a Claremont-based group that also operates a tall-ship expedition and the Toyon Bay campground on the island, is stepping in after lease negotiations broke down between the conservancy and the Glendale Y.
Though some damage is done during the daytime, most campground vandalism occurs at night and when no one is around.
The campgrounds run by Oregon State Parks tend to to be plushest.
This new campground will allow more visitors to get out to our great parks and experience some of the recreational opportunities available in Saskatchewan.
Douglas Dam Headwater Campground - Douglas Reservoir near Sevierville, Tenn.
The Umpqua National Forest, for example, is increasing recreation fees at 38 campgrounds and five recreation sites as well as raising the rental fee at a lookout and guard station.
Bradley Leon, testifying for the defense, told the Los Angeles Superior Court jury that he saw Pandelios while he was driving an off-road vehicle near the Monte Cristo campground on Feb.
How much campground owners feel the bite of competition depends largely on how much their facilities differ from those in the parks.
Each of the six volumes runs 300 to 350 pages and lists about 300 campgrounds.
It was spring cleaning time at Cold Water Cover Campground, one of dozens of Cascade campgrounds being readied for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.