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Synonyms for camper

someone living temporarily in a tent or lodge for recreation

a recreational vehicle equipped for camping out while traveling

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What is more challenging is managing the expectations of the shy or awkward camper.
1 -- cover -- color) ON THE COVER: The lights of the San Fernando Valley sparkle below the tent of a pair of urban campers.
Camper will succeed Victoria "Penny" Rostow, the former co-head of Federal Government Affairs.
Of the 512 campers that attend camp each summer, about 97 percent are children who belong to ethnic minorities (63 percent Hispanic and around 34 percent African American).
This could be the niche that would set The Green River Preserve apart--to share the magic of this area with campers through a unique, natural-science-oriented summer camp program.
The four major differences that were found for the summer of 2005 addressed the amount of financial support received, session length, camper return rates, and perceived enrollment trends for the past five years.
Although we are expecting to dramatically increase the number of campers enrolled in 1999, we have made certain that scholarships are available for a number of qualified students who may not be able to afford to go to camp," said Jim Beach, co-founder of ACE.
Here is a great opportunity for a counselor observing these interactions to think about doing something fun with that excluded camper at a later date--hanging out with or doing some activity with the camper to show others that he/she has social worth.
Campers may become impatient with each other and minor confrontations will occur.
Teach staff how to develop trust within their camper groups by providing safe physical touch, words of encouragement, and spiritual awareness.
Whenever a camper discloses something that triggers further conversation with the director, his or her parents, or mandatory reporting laws, it is important that staff make the immediate future seem as structured and predictable as possible.
The camp is not and cannot be an insurer of everything that might go wrong, and no responsible camp will guarantee the physical or emotional safety of a camper in its care.
The instrument that was used for this study was a self-administered questionnaire that focused on the factors that influenced a parents' decision to select Camp Henry as well as the camper benefits that were most important to parents.
As Mike Horner, owner and president of Tom Sawyer Camps in Altadena, California, points out, "I export the camper names and addresses from my camp database into GeoFinder and print a color map for each driver with each of their campers marked on the map.
Competitions can lead to unsanitary situations (one camper eating another camper's left-overs) and unhealthy situations (a camper being forced to eat more than they should).