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a bell tower


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For their campanile probe, the mold of the probe's nanoscale features includes the four sides and the light-emitting 70-nm-wide gap at the pyramid's top.
As well as his footballing heroes, Erwan met someone even more important at The Campanile Hotel - his partner Magdalena, who also worked there.
Premiere Classe will open its first hotel in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in 2018, whilst the first of many Campanile hotels in the region will be announced in the coming months and is also slated for a 2018 opening.
The looming presence of the Campanile means it features in nearly every picture you will see of the Piazza.
Six other Campanile Hotels located nationwide were also showcased as part of the exhibition with a variety of business rates and room offers available.
Campanile Hotel Birmingham is part of the French-based company Louvre Hotels Group and was founded in 1999.
The information and culture has ministry pledged to rehabilitate Ghashai campanile only.
Post Reporter Carl Campanile, operating on data secured through a Freedom of Information inquiry filed by the Chiaroscuro Foundation, reported that only 17 of the 225 abortion providers in New York had been inspected in 13 years.
Frank Campanile recently launched a new website devoted exclusively to tummy tuck surgery (http://www.
Young gun Marcus Campanile struck in the final minute to see off the Norwegian outfit in an entertaining friendly.
Florence Campanile, one of the co-owners of Indigo Coffee in Northampton, Mass.
pounds 336 Travel to Paris for a three night stay at the Campanile Maine Montparnasse.
In hierdie ondersoek, wat deel uitmaak van 'n nagraadse projek oor die monumente van Port Elizabeth, word gefokus op die Campanile, die toringklokmonument wat in 1920 in die stad opgerig is om die koms van die Britse setlaars 'n eeu tevore te gedenk (kyk Stoltz).
1902: The Campanile of St Mark's Cathedral in Venice collapsed during a safety inspection.
Acting on behalf of Starwood Capital's Louvre Hotels, Christie + Co is marketing the company's UK group of 18 hotels - comprising 17 Campanile branded properties and one Premire Classe branded premises.