campaign for governor

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a race for election to the governorship

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Prior to that she was director of Communications for Andrew Cuomo's successful campaign for Governor of New York in 2010 and press secretary and deputy director of communications for the state of New York under Governor David A.
In his campaign for governor last year, John Kitzhaber proposed what sounded like a perpetual-motion machine: The state would sell bonds to finance energy efficiency projects in public schools, and the savings from reduced fuel and electricity costs would pay off the debt.
In addition to being important for Democrats in congressional races and the campaign for governor this year, Ohio will be a crucial swing state for Obama when he runs for re-election in 2012.
DURING his last campaign for governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger lamented the fact that California's electoral process doesn't allow for candidates at the top of the ticket to run together.
Moran, elected to the House of Delegates in 1996, announced his resignation Friday to focus on his campaign for governor of Virginia.
Louis Post-Dispatch and Kansas City Star have joined Jay Nixon's campaign for governor.
Governor Cruz Bustamante for insurance commissioner, Voters remembered Bustamante's poorly run campaign for governor and may have held that against him.
The complaint notes that time and again the pastors have promoted Blackwell's campaign for governor.
It's part of a comprehensive package of K-12 education law changes that some say is the sequel to the A+ Plan that was Bush s key plan in his campaign for governor.
Blunt to give up his plan, which sounds to me like getting coerced votes for him in his campaign for governor.
The amount allowed for a campaign for governor was small by today's standards, and I was elected to the governorship while this law was in effect.
The Terminator, 56, was accused of labelling Rhonda Miller, 53, a convicted criminal during his successful election campaign for Governor of California.
San Francisco-based Calvin Louie's campaign for governor was profiled in the Oct.
Cannon has covered Reagan since his first campaign for governor in 1966, and the result is biography that often approaches memoir.
ITEM: California Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante "focused on soaring gasoline prices in his campaign for governor .
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