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religious (usually evangelistic) meeting held in a large tent or outdoors and lasting several days

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Beginning with the Kentucky frontier camp meetings in 1801, revival tires flared up until the eve of the Civil War.
Missionaries began holding camp meetings in this region in 1822 (Graham 1975: 8-9), and they were characterized by Christian prayer and socializing.
During the period of western expansion in this country, many of the religious needs of people were met through camp meetings.
She preached (even if she did not always call it that, being a woman) to literally thousands of blacks and whites in churches and camp meetings, for the early years of the Holiness Movement were less racially segregated than most of the rest of American churches and society at the time.
The expedition participants camped at various spots along the river during the four-day journey and held camp meetings to discuss concerns.
67) Camp meetings took people out of the cities to experience the ecstasy of the second blessing, but in doing so they fostered personal and social ideals of compassionate community even while they helped construct an oppositional identity that was resistant to much of the newly dominant cultural values of nineteenth-century America.
In addition, special one-day Camp Meetings will be held for five language groups: Chinese (June 22), Korean (June 22), French-Haitian (June 29), Spanish (July 13) and Portuguese/Cape Verdean (July 20).
Prior to the camp meetings of the early nineteenth century, Baptist conversions display not the Revivalist Motif, but the Mystical, including in the First Great Awakening era.
Make up at least two rainy day programs and distribute them to all staff before camp begins, in between sessions, or at morning day camp meetings.
She was a member of the group, Kindred Spirits, and enjoyed their summer camp meetings.
Part 2, "The Great Revival," shows the impact of camp meetings (including particulars of Cane Ridge) on Stone's life and theology, leading to conflict and eventual separation from the Presbyterians.
67) Methodist camp meetings, according to one observer, were worse than the theater in the promotion of vice because they masqueraded under the guise of religion, whereas at least one knew to be on guard when going to the theater.
Deb Cnossen, 80, of Uxbridge has been coming to camp meetings since she was a child, when her father was camp president.
The camp meetings were important social gatherings, as well as the opportunity to hear preaching and partake of the ordinances.
From leading camp meetings to ministering in prisons to establishing schools, these boundary-pushing women told stories of their work for God in the world.