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religious (usually evangelistic) meeting held in a large tent or outdoors and lasting several days

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Additionally, the sources show how the Shakers presented these doctrines and practices to potential converts at camp meetings and demonstrate the eagerness of the Shakers to gain new members.
Besides the frontier outdoor worship gatherings popularized by camp meetings, other influences in pre-Civil War religious music were present.
Early Methodism had its emotional outpourings and church services, with love feasts and camp meetings, which tended toward "enthusiasm.
The single religious purpose of camp meetings was conversion.
While modifying the structure of frontier camp meetings, love feasts and other organizational forms in order to accommodate Methodists' changing tastes and leisurely habits, the National Camp Meeting Association for the Promotion of Holiness hoped that a return to these liturgical practices in resort towns like Ocean Grove would provide similar spiritual and social benefits for late-nineteenth-century campers.
Likewise, the essays on Adventist camp meetings in the 1870s and the murky, unresolved detective story of the Kinnear's Mill post office case at the turn of the century present religion as the central terrain on which historians can explore the dynamic, and frequently conflicting, values and identities out of which the modern liberal order emerged.
In terms of large Native social gatherings, the primary and immediate precursors to the powwow in this region included religious camp meetings and Native dance exhibitions akin to the Buffalo Bill and the Wild West Shows that were popular during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
7c Deeper Life Students Outreach (DLSO) -- shall through Bible studies, Bible correspondence courses, literature, tracts, retreats, camp meetings, conventions, films, drama, symposia, Bible quiz, free vacation schools, etc, reach out to students in secondary schools and teacher training colleges, with a special outreach to teachers in these institutions, with a view to:
There was also a two-story cement block administration building, and an octagon shaped log tabernacle for summer time church camp meetings.
Zion Spiritual Singers have been recreating the old time Camp Meetings, where the scene looks something like straight out of the 19th century south, and have been performing at the annual Charleston Piccolo Spoleto festival since 1993.
He had, as he put it, "become an addict of Negro camp meetings, baptizings, revivals, and to seeking the company of individual Negroes.
Stone, who was one of the pioneers in gaining converts through the new technique of camp meetings, felt that church doctrine--particularly the doctrine of predestination--was an impediment, incompatible with the highly appealing message that anyone who accepted Christ would be saved.
He describes a wide variety of issues, ranging from his educational experience, to camp meetings, to the life style of slaves.
Their conversion-story techniques, colporteurs (distributors of devotional literature), and camp meetings with a cowboy flavor all have contributed to the success of their evangelistic outreach.
In many cases, African Americans were included in the services, although segregated either in special sections of the camp meetings or at separate camp meetings.