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a small bed that folds up for storage or transport


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There is no one to look at those papers at the Sofia Reception Centre, where he sleeps on a folding camp bed in a room with eight other men.
Bobby Moore and I slept on camp beds in the dressing room of the copper company's sports pavilion beneath a corrugated iron roof.
For the kids there is a discovery tent with a telescope, field telephones, art equipment, reference books, microscope and two additional camp beds.
The Foreign Ministry announced a special bank account for donations, and that blan kets, camp beds and tinned food were being sent to Japan, while Bulgarian National Radio launched a solidarity campaign entitled Aid to Friends in Trouble.
What is it with these people who want proper beds, not camp beds, and duvets instead of sleeping bags?
Camp beds are being prepared to accommodate those who have to spend the
The airport had put up 1,700 camp beds and other people slept.
We sometimes have to share four to a room and they bring in camp beds to get us all in.
Then we had nowhere to live as we were only aged 16 and 17, so we stayed in St Leonard's Church, on Peel Road, sleeping on camp beds, and there were others in the same situation as us.
AIRPORT operator Hermes has brought in camp beds for a group of British Muslim pilgrims stranded at Larnaca airport since the weekend who were yesterday highly impressed by the hospitality shown by airport management and staff.
The county lacked adequate jail space before it closed 244 jail and forest work camp beds last year when it appeared Congress would not renew the federal payments program.
With so many children sharing their parents' rooms, the supply of camp beds nearly runs out.
25 Years Ago Lecture room camp beds and herdsmen's lodgings are being used to house homeless Coventry students.
On Sunday night an American woman and two Norwegian girls were among those who spent a comfortable night on camp beds in the Rest Room.
As the bombs thundered into the heart of Swansea, the family would rush through the back kitchen and down the steps into the cellar that served as a bomb shelter complete with snooker table, cash tills from the family shops and camp beds.