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a small bed that folds up for storage or transport


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It does not specify what constitutes such a life, but sleeping in rows of camp beds in a room with up to 50 other people does not appear to offer much dignity.
My trousers and socks were hung on a peg behind my camp bed and my shoes placed under the cot.
I used to love it when my nan stayed and I'd sleep on a camp bed with a Magic Roundabout cover.
A terrible stench came from the shop, which was no bigger than a small room and contained only a single camp bed and an old couch.
Prince Harry sits on his camp bed, in his accommodation at FOB Delhi, forward operating base, in Helmand province Picture: JOHN STILLWELL
We crouched on the camp bed under the cellar stairs while the land mines etc were dropped.
There was also a camp bed, stove and kettle, as well as a barbecue ( which was still warm.
The 53-year-old, his wife Meriel, 50, and son Nicholas, then 17, had asked for a comfortably-sized family room but were horrified to be ushered into a 'cramped space' with two single beds and a rickety camp bed.
Once inside he was confronted by Mr Singh, who had been sleeping on a camp bed, and hit him a number of blows around the head.
Kelly Harwood, 43, had drunken sex with the 30-year-old man on a camp bed set up in her friend's kitchen.
COMMAND: Prince Harry sits in his position on a Spartan armoured vehicle; REAL RISK: Prince Harry sits on his camp bed in his accommodation at Helmand province
04 NO NEED to sleep on a hard floor with a folding camp bed, pounds 39, from Jacksons Leisure Supplies (0151 334 0222).
And viewers had seen Harvey become increasingly upset by the number of flies which had found their way into his camp bed.
My kids went through a stage of wanting to sleep in our bed, so we gradually got them into a camp bed, then into their own rooms.
Sally Gray, also a forensic scientist, said she went to the flat to inspect the scene, and found arterial blood on the base of a camp bed against the wall in the living room.