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made invisible by means of protective coloring

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They're far cheaper than full shoulder mounts, and you can choose from an assortment of camouflage patterns to turn any skull--or other bone, for that matter--into a work of camouflaged art.
Some bugs are camouflaged by disguise--they resemble their surroundings.
With camouflaged waterfowl and turkey guns in increasing demand, it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a camo .
A Freedom of Information Act request to determine if Crown had filed with the FAA was not responded to before deadline, but if a monopole or tower is deemed an aviation hazard, it would have to be marked with the flashing red beacon and painted aviation orange and white - very different from the camouflaged poles shown off by the cell industry.
Ironically, the camouflaged characters sometimes turned into unintentional expressions of gay rage.
Camouflaged clothing introduced during the 1950s, '60s and even the early 1970s generally relied on patterns that weren't all that different than the military patterns of WWII.
With card counting and camouflaged team play, you can swing the advantage from the house to yourself
Contract notice: Retrofitting radio communication system for forensic services in camouflaged dmr radios and accessories camouflaged - case no.
In this way, three-dimensional space disappeared in a jumble of constructed or found detail so that the resulting large photographs looked like documents of some Gordon Matta-Clark-type catastrophe inflicted on camouflaged Minimalist sculptures in hiding.
2--Color) Crouched by a tree, a turkey hunter takes aim while a camouflaged couple returns from the field with a prize.