camomile tea

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tea-like drink made from camomile leaves and flowers

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Researchers gave 64 people with diabetes either camomile tea or water to drink three times a day after meals for two months.
8) in order to cure someone who urinates dribbly, a camomile tea is useful.
However, this tea kiosk at DLF Place, Saket stands out in a maze of coffee shops with its freshly brewed teas ranging from tulsi , elaichi and adrak to the Kashmiri kahwa, green tea and camomile tea.
Because everyone was so polite and middle class, no patient thought it seemly to let the midwives in on the blatantly obvious truth - that a cup of camomile tea and a massage with a dock leaf was not quite enough to deal with searing pains of labour.
Finally, Odom got some camomile tea and the sandman arrived.
The amber-colored rinse, which patients used three times a day, has a pleasant taste, much like camomile tea," Carl said.
Camomile tea is a very calming drink that has been shown to reduce insomnia.
To the British hoteliers who supply two normal teabags per 24-hour period with their tea and coffee-making facilities, I would like you to give a picture of a smiling British person drinking some tea, and entry to a two-day course I will be running in the New Year entitled, "Infusion, Not Confusion: Camomile Tea Is Not Really Tea.
I capped the experience by enjoying some almonds, an apple and camomile tea.
I enjoyed a pot of camomile tea, seemingly appropriate in a place destined for a Mad Hatter's Tea Party, whilst tucking into a fish pie (PS9.
Green tea and camomile tea can be good for alleviating symptoms as they are rich in antioxidants which are thought to have a natural antihistamine effect.
The Betsy Smith bar in Kilburn, north-west London, has already created its "King William" - a cocktail of bourbon, rhubarb liqueur, lemon juice and camomile tea served in a teacup.
I sat down with a cup of camomile tea and tried to enter once of those Zen meditation states to see if I could have a flash of inspiration and be guided to my glasses.
The Gunners quartet was the worst defence since Charles Manson claimed to have been "tucked up in bed, watching The Flintstones with a nice cup of camomile tea on the night in question, officer".
Or, in my case, giving birth in the au naturel south of England, to see if I wanted a cup of camomile tea and a dock leaf on my stomach to help with the contractions.