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a photographer who operates a movie camera

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He launched a bitter personal attack on the local cameraman at yesterday's hearing in Ballymena Magistrates Court, Northern Ireland.
Then they surrounded the singer with a video cameraman and his assistants and team photographers.
Ranbir told the cameraman that he would return his camera only if a senior person from the organization called him.
GARY NEVILLE has been accused of getting involved in a four-letter exchange with a TV cameraman yesterday.
But by the end of the episode, macho man Ahmed apologized to the cameraman and even invited him over for a Ramadan dinner
An American freelance television cameraman working for NBC Newsin Liberia has tested positive for the Ebola virus and will be flown back to the United States for treatment, the network said on Thursday in an online report.
The Belgian cameraman had arrived on a flight from Amman, Jordan, but was placed in a small cell at the airport with five Chinese nationals and a Hungarian tourist.
Channel 7 reporter Carlo Lorenzo and cameraman Gilbert Ordiales, southern command public information officer Rhoderick Parayno said.
troops killed a Reuters cameraman near a prison on the outskirts of Baghdad on Sunday, the news agency reported.
BOXER Mike Tyson was involved in a heated confrontation in a Cuban hotel, throwing crystal balls at reporters and punching a cameraman on the back of the head.
Set on a train trip from British Columbia to Newfoundland, Stations revolves around a troubled television journalist, Tom Murphy (played to alienated perfection by Newfoundland filmmaker Mike Jones), as he travels from Vancouver with a cameraman to a difficult family reunion and funeral in St.
Last night, a spokesman for Blue said: "There was a big showdown when a cameraman made some remarks to Lee in jest.
Security correspondent Frank Gardner, 42, was shot by gunmen in an attack which claimed the life of 36-year-old cameraman Simon Cumbers on June 6.
In the aftermath of the killing, the Pentagon acknowledged that its troops had "engaged" a Reuters cameraman, saying they thought his camera was a rocket-propelled grenade launcher.
LEGENDARY Scots film director Bill Forsyth managed to miss EIGHT goals in a single game when he was a sports cameraman.