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a photographer who operates a movie camera

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Cameraman can also switch to mobile journalism so that in the world, he would be called video journalists instead of Cameraman, Secretary SJAS concluded.
Principal cameraman Domenico Pontillo and Colin the cameramen were up there for weeks and weeks.
The injured cameraman, Giles Wooltorton, was treated on the street and later taken away by ambulance, according to a Reuters photographer.
And he was only stopped from zooming off when another cameraman began waving and shouting in the distance after spotting the drama unfolding.
Andrew "Pwmps" Davies' parents ran the petrol station in Llanpumsaint for many years and he worked as a sound technician before becoming a cameraman.
The cameraman was following the group moving bodies in wooden wagons and a white flag to indicate their civilian status to police officers and soldiers in the area.
Meanwhile, Gulam Mohiuddin, cameraman of private TV channel, a resident of Madina Town had swallowed poisonous pills and committed suicide.
Doug's presentation also includes mesmerising footage and remarkable photographs from his trips that also feature in his book Freeze Frame, about his life as a polar cameraman.
This was clearly visible to the home viewer, who could ring in to try to get the chance to guide the cameraman so that he fired that bolt when on target, an inflated balloon fixed to a safety backboard.
ONE day after the on-air killings of a reporter and cameraman shocked millions across the world, the grieving staff at WDBJ-TV came together for an emotional broadcast of its Mornin' show.
The Information Ministry decried assaulting Lawa Abu Rumeilah, a reporter, and fining Palestine TV cameraman Ali Yasin and Russia Todays cameraman Mohammad Asho.
SANA cameraman, Syrian TV correspondent and cameraman injured while covering army operations in Aleppo
I wanted to forget," recalls army cameraman Sergeant Mike Lewis.
ADVISER: Alfred Hitchcock (left) and a US combat cameraman ADVISER: Alfred Hitchcock (left) and a US combat cameraman Inside story HOLOCAUST NIGHT WILL FALL Sat C4 9pm As the Allied forces liberated the Nazi concentration camps in January 1945, cameramen filmed the horrifying scenes they encountered.
The crew was filming a journalist story about the readiness of the city services to clean up roads from the snow when a drive-by car drifted on a slippery road and accidentally hit a cameraman.