camera tripod

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a tripod used to support a camera

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Haye is then captured trading punches with Charles before swinging the large camera tripod over his head at Charles.
Haye's trainer Adam Booth was left with a gash on his head after he was accidentally hit by a camera tripod swung by Haye.
Haye was then captured on video footage trading punches with Charles before swinging the large camera tripod over his head at Charles.
Toby then prodded at the brown bear with his 6ft camera tripod to try to fend it off - but the beast "swatted it and severed it".
Cut off the shaft and using tension chords, fit a small camera tripod in the centre.
In 2004, an Italian bricklayer hurled a camera tripod at Berlusconi, injuring him slightly on the head.
I was standing with a camera tripod so unlikely to move much, let alone slip in.
In addition to obviating the film development step, digital camera design permits the elimination of the camera tripod support system as well.
Under the supervision of their teacher, Chris Evans, the youngsters traveled to Portland, secured press badges and access to the media staging area, and positioned their video camera tripod next to all the other video journalists' equipment on risers at the Oregon Convention Center.
The sky screens mount easily to a bracket, which is in turn drilled and tapped to accept a camera tripod adapter, and the chronograph itself is powered by a 9-volt battery, which simply snaps in place instead of having to be connected conventionally.
Well for some time now military snipers have been using a common camera tripod, properly modified with a yoke, when faced with such situations.
NYC Graffiti-Inspired China Place Settings and a Tiny Camera Tripod That Fits on Top of Water Bottles Are Among Salon.
in this procedure supplied other hardware: multifunction 1 mfd 2 mfd 3 camera tripod digital camera with accessories battery pack 1 battery pack 2
14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Polepod transforms virtually any hiking, ski, or tent poles into a camera tripod capable of supporting up to 20 lbs.