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a photographer who operates a movie camera

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Whether on set in a movie, giving a camera operator the freedom to go anywhere with wireless cameras, or embracing the viewer with 3D content, we are there, removing the mysteries of stereoscopic shooting and releasing creativity.
Camera operators must be certified, and start out as level one thermographers.
This usually requires the questioner to stand behind the camera operator rather than to the side.
Covert recording also reduces the distraction to the interviewer and interviewee of having the equipment and camera operator in the interview room.
With an integrated belt clip, it can be snapped onto a belt, for easy movement with the camera operator.
In order to have a group of professional video production firms and consultants on an as-needed basis, the City Colleges of Chicago is seeking independent contractors and freelance help in the following category of specified fields: Producer, Associate Producer, Writer, Researcher, Director, Floor Director, Field Camera Operator, Studio Camera Operator, Director of Photography, Lighting Director, Lighting Grips, Teleprompter Operator, Technical Director, Tape Operator, Studio Audio (Al), Field Audio (A2), Camera Shader, Chyron Operator, Set Designer, Grips, Graphic Designers, Make-up Artist, Hair Dresser, Wardrobe Consultants***
9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The Society of Camera Operators(SOC) will present its Camera Operator of the Year Awards at their Annual Awards Event, as announced today by SOC Vice President and Awards Executive Producer David Frederick, SOC.
The camera operator then spotted a second suspect, a 16-year-old lad from Oldbury, in the area who was subsequently arrested for stealing a car.
SIR - I find it amusing that Dominic Walker, the Bishop of Monmouth, complained on the Good Morning Wales radio programme that Sir David Attenborough filmed the birth of a polar bear at a zoo and not in the wild (thus avoiding the real risk that the camera operator could have been attacked and the cub killed).
Edinburgh-born Susan was a trainee camera operator on Eastwood's recent spooky thriller Hereafter, which stars Matt Damon, when she first encountered the legend on set in London.
Mark Dodds' kung-fu kicks on a CCTV camera were caught on tape and witnessed by the camera operator.
David was director and camera operator that day because the camera operator was ill," said Alastair.
The camera operator, sort of: Baranowsky remained completely still while filming, but she was traveling on a ferry from Harwich to Hamburg.
Police were drafted to the area after the disorder was spotted by a CCTV camera operator at 5.